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Samsung NEXT, the venture capital arm of Samsung, strategically invests in forward-thinking technology sectors. Their focus spans Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Fintech, Healthtech, Infrastructure, and Mediatech. They seek to empower innovative founders, exploring beyond conventional boundaries in tech. Their diverse portfolio showcases a commitment to advancing groundbreaking technologies, from AI's new frontiers to the transformative potential of Blockchain and the evolving landscape of media through gaming and mixed reality. Samsung NEXT's approach is a testament to their dedication to shaping the future of technology.

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Type: Venture
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Last Investment: 04 Mar
Region of Origin: Mountain View, CA, United States
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Samsung NEXT is a venture capital arm of Samsung, focusing on investing in innovative and ambitious founders across various technology sectors. Their investment areas include Artificial Intelligence, exploring approaches beyond pattern recognition; Blockchain, aiming to create powerful, new, disintermediated business models; Fintech, altering financial interactions; Healthtech, integrating wearables and sensors for better health outcomes; Infrastructure, making computing more efficient at the infrastructure edge; and Mediatech, evolving media through gaming, synthetic media, and mixed reality. Samsung NEXT's portfolio is diverse, reflecting their commitment to fostering cutting-edge technological advancements.

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