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Infinity Labs is an investment firm specializing in the blockchain industry. Their strategy encompasses three main areas: building blockchain infrastructure, investing in early-stage blockchain projects, and providing services in the open financial ecosystem. They aim to merge traditional capital with blockchain technology to foster innovation and collaboration across different fields.

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Infinity Labs is an investment institution with a keen focus on the blockchain industry. Their approach is multifaceted, encompassing three primary investment categories: the construction of blockchain infrastructure, early-stage blockchain project investments, and services within the open financial ecosystem. This strategic alignment is driven by their mission to bridge traditional capital and infrastructure resources with the burgeoning field of blockchain, fostering cross-field collaboration and innovation.

At the core of Infinity Labs' operations is their digital fund, which plays a pivotal role in nurturing and scaling blockchain projects. The fund is not just about financial investment; it extends its support through incubation, advisory services, and a plethora of resources. These include venture capital provision, technology solutions, community management, and legal/compliance consulting. Their early incubation and investment support have led to a diversified portfolio, featuring notable projects like Crust, Republic, Sifchain, Dora Factory, SubDAO, and Matters. This portfolio reflects Infinity Labs' commitment to investing in key areas within the field and capturing significant early-stage potential.

Another critical component of Infinity Labs is their investment research fund, backed by a seasoned team with over a decade of experience in the financial industry. This team's rigorous process involves preliminary reviews, re-examinations, meetings, and voting, ensuring that only the most promising projects receive support. The team's extensive market resources are invaluable in incubating projects, demonstrating Infinity Labs' comprehensive approach to investment.

The Infinity Labs Digital Infrastructure Service Fund further diversifies their portfolio. This fund focuses on financial services, aiming to optimize fund utilization rates through diversified investments and effective risk control strategies. The goal is to deliver stable and superior returns to investors.

The team behind Infinity Labs is a blend of expertise and experience. Co-Founder Bova Chen brings over 15 years of experience in financial investment, having founded Winsun Capital and made successful investments in the crypto industry. Leo Wang, with a similar tenure in the IT industry, has worked with giants like Microsoft and Cisco, bringing extensive knowledge in distributed storage, cloud computing, and blockchain. Yi Zhou, a veteran in the blockchain and bitcoin mining industries, has been instrumental in setting industry benchmarks, particularly in the compliant mining farm sector. Howard, co-founder at MetaLoop - MPC Vault, brings his experience in alternative finance and venture partnership from Silicon Valley, holding degrees from UC Berkeley and a deferred MBA from the Wharton Business School.

Infinity Labs stands out as a visionary institution in the blockchain investment landscape, combining deep industry knowledge, a diverse investment strategy, and a team rich in experience and expertise. Their commitment to integrating traditional and blockchain realms signifies a forward-thinking approach, poised to make significant impacts in the evolving world of blockchain and digital finance.

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