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Intel Capital, Intel Corporation's investment arm, is a key player in shaping the future of computing. Specializing in diverse areas like cloud infrastructure, silicon advances, mobile technologies, and frontier tech, it supports companies from early stages to success. Intel Capital emphasizes innovation, particularly in computing technology, and has a strong focus on fostering diverse leadership within its portfolio. The fund not only invests financially but also provides strategic resources and Intel's expertise, influencing significant revenue and growth in its portfolio companies. With a broad yet targeted investment approach, Intel Capital is pivotal in driving technological advancement and nurturing the next generation of tech leaders.

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Intel Capital stands as a visionary investment arm of Intel Corporation, uniquely positioned to build the companies of tomorrow. With a deep domain knowledge and the backing of Intel's vast resources, Intel Capital assists companies on their path to success, particularly in the realm of computing technology.

The fund's investment focus is broad yet targeted, spanning across key areas shaping the future of computing. This includes cloud-native infrastructure, applications, developer tools, data platforms, security, silicon advances in integrated circuit design and manufacturing, next-gen mobile technologies, applications, gaming, and frontier technologies in robotics, autonomy, and healthcare.

Intel Capital's portfolio is a testament to its commitment to innovation and technological advancement. The fund has made significant strides in fostering the growth of companies with diverse leadership teams, with a substantial portion of its portfolio featuring diverse professionals in top leadership roles.

One of the notable aspects of Intel Capital is its emphasis on creating a holistic ecosystem for its portfolio companies. This includes providing highly curated introductions to global customers, leading a majority of deals since 2018, and influencing substantial revenue in portfolio companies. Intel Capital also places Intel Embedded Experts in companies, further enhancing their growth and development.

Intel Capital's approach goes beyond mere financial investment. It is about nurturing and guiding companies with groundbreaking ideas and technologies, helping them navigate the complex landscape of the tech industry, and ultimately contributing to the evolution of the computing world.

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