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IoTeX is a platform dedicated to integrating decentralized identities and privacy innovations into IoT devices. Known for its DePIN projects, IoTeX transforms everyday devices into economically active elements within web3, enhancing data control and utility through tokenization. Their system empowers users with privacy, security, and potential economic benefits, aligning with their vision of a 'Human Web3' where all data is maximized for user benefit. IoTeX uses its native token, $IOTX, to facilitate ecosystem interactions.

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IoTeX operates as a cutting-edge platform designed to integrate decentralized identities and privacy-centric innovations into the rapidly expanding world of connected devices, often referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). Their foundational infrastructure is not just a blockchain; it's a robust framework built specifically for what they call DePIN (Decentralized Private Network) projects, which are meant to transform everyday devices into active, economic agents within the web3 ecosystem.

At its core, IoTeX's platform allows developers to either fully deploy DePIN projects or integrate modular components into existing frameworks, optimizing how data and devices operate and interact within a decentralized network. The emphasis is on enhancing user control over personal data, expanding the utility of this data through tokenization, and generating value directly from the devices people use daily.

IoTeX's initiative encapsulates a broader vision where devices aren't just smart and connected but are also economically empowered entities that contribute to a decentralized network, benefiting users with privacy, security, and potential earnings. This transformation is aligned with IoTeX’s commitment to pioneering the 'Human Web3' where the data of everything is utilized to its fullest, ensuring that everyone benefits from this new digital paradigm. The platform supports this vision with its own native token, $IOTX, facilitating transactions and interactions within the IoTeX ecosystem.

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