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Multicoin Capital is a US-based investment firm, born in Texas, that is focused specifically on crypto-assets and early-stage blockchain companies that have a potential for reshaping trillion-dollar crypto market. 

Multicoin Capital currently operates several venture capital funds and a hedge fund. Also,  it actively manages a long-term large private equity portfolio.  As a part of VC activity, Multicoin Capital invests in both public and private companies.  

The core expertise of the MC team is concluded in deep understanding of blockchain technology and token economies. Multicoin Capital provides portfolio projects with extensive support during the formative period. The fund’s phylosophy states that “we actively engage and participate in the networks we invest in”, which probably mean they provide teams with practical recommendations and piece of advice on product design, tokenomics, strategic planning, marketing and so forth.

The fund has been performing well for a long time, which was achieved through conducting quality compliance and deep research before investing and regular portfolio rebalancing. 

May 2017
CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
High 15 May 2023

Multicoin Capital Overview

Type: Venture
Total Investment: 3
Project Support: Very High
Social Influence: Medium
Last Investment: 29 Oct
Region of Origin: USA / TX
Influence Geography: Western Europe, Asia, North America
Type of project assistance: Product Dev, Tokenomics; Listing; Financing; Asset Management; Market Making; Marketing

Multicoin Capital - About

Multicoin Capital is a prominent venture capital fund based in Texas (US)  that has an impressive and weighty portfolio infused with equity of blockchain companies, tokens, and cryptocurrencies.

Multicoin Capital is a highly reputable player in the crypto-asset investment field, managing private and public capital in an individual manner and as a part of various funds. 

Currently, Multicoin Capital operates a hedge fund and several venture capital funds.


Also, the company's core specializations, in line with investment solutions, are the development of tokenomics modesl and shaping of the pre-market and go-to-market strategies, with further support until it reaches stability and break-even point.


The most prominent projects in the Multicoin Capital portfolio are the following: DFininty, Aptos, NEAR, Helium, Solana, Lido, Algorand, ICP, Flow, and others.

Until now, Multicoin Capital has made two successful exits, from OXIO and Tagomi.


Here is the current balance of interests:

Total number of investments: 119.

  • DeFi: 29.1%
  • Blockchain Service: 26%
  • Blockchain Infrastructure: 18.9%
  • Social: 11%
  • NFT: 5.5%
  • GameFi: 3.1%
  • CeFi: 3.1%
  • Stablecoin: 1.6%
  • Currency: 0.8%
  • Other: 0.8%

Multicoin Capital - Indusries

Multicoin Capital Team

Brian Smith
Brian Smith
Partner, CFO & COO
Daniel L.
Daniel L.
Deputy General Counsel & Compliance Officer
John Robert Reed
John Robert Reed
Partner & Head of Communications
Gregory Xethalis
Gregory Xethalis
General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Matt Shapiro
Matt Shapiro
Partner & Head of Investor Relations
Kyle Samani
Kyle Samani
Managing Partner
Tushar Jain
Tushar Jain
Managing Partner
Matthew Shapiro
Matthew Shapiro

Multicoin Capital News

Multicoin Capital – Investments

Project Score Date Price Status Industry
LayerZero LogoLayerZero
N/A Past
Starknet logoStarknet
N/A Past
Wormhole LogoWormhole
N/A Past

Multicoin Capital – Co-investors

Fund Score Type Project Support Social Influence Co-investments
Coinbase Ventures logoCoinbase Ventures Very High Exchange Very High Very High
tiger global managementTiger Global Management Medium Corporate Very Low Low
Sequoia Capital LogoSequoia Capital Very High Venture Very High Very High
Alameda Research LogoAlameda Research Very Low Venture N/A N/A
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