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tiger global management

Tiger Global Management

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Since 2001, as a powerful equity investment player, the Tiger Global Management (TGM) has effectively invested in growing and already leading world-class companies that capitalize on multiple global trends, especially Web3, and is respected by gaining a sustainable ROI and portfolio value growth by combining their efficient management teams and making timely exits.

13 Mar 2001
CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Medium 15 May 2023

Tiger Global Management Overview

Type: Corporate
Total Investment: 7
Project Support: Very Low
Social Influence: Low
Last Investment: 29 Nov
Region of Origin: USA / NY
Influence Geography: Western Europe, Central Europe, Asia, North America, India, Oceania
Type of project assistance: Networking; Product Dev

Tiger Global Management - About

Tiger Global Management (TGM, also called “The Tiger Fund") is a New York based, venture capital firm, focused on public and private hi-tech companies, with an emphasis on delivering extremely high ROI over the long term. 

The company was founded in early 2001 by Chase Coleman, a former top-employee of the Tiger Management Corporation (the 2nd largest hedge fund in the world in the late 90s by the number of assets under management, which was closed a few years later, in 2000s), and was the protege of its founder & CEO, Julian Robertson.

By now, Tiger Global Management fund has branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Melbourne, and Bangalore.

The investment approach of TGM is divided into two symmetrical parts:  

  • the public equity investments (exchange-traded companies) 
  • and private equity (an investment strategy that focuses on the long-term growth of private companies from tech-savvy regions  (especially, the U.S, China, India, and Singapore), at its various stages, ranging from early-stage to late-stage). 

The main interest of TGM lies in the technology industries such as software development, fintech services, blockchain infrastructure and rising Web3 projects. Tiger Global Management holds a wide pool of projects in its crypto portfolio including, but not limited to, Near, Cosmos, Yuga Labs, Aptos, Helium, Polygon, Nancen, Certik, and really many more.

Also, TGM has made a total of 136 exits (from companies in completely different fields), the largest of which were some of the following: Coinbase (Crypto), NuBank (FinTech), UiPath (Software & AI dev), Grab and Delhivery (logistics), and a few of a world-class tech companies such as Yandex,  Alibaba, Myntra, Airbnb, and Meta.

Here is the current balance of interests in the TGM portfolio.

Total number of investments: 73

  • Blockchain Service: 38.1% 
  • CeFi: 22.2% 
  • Blockchain Infrastructure: 14.3% 
  • DeFi: 9.5% 
  • NFT: 7.9% 
  • GameFi: 6.3% 
  • Social: 1.6%

Tiger Global Management - Indusries

Tiger Global Management Team

Eric Lane
Eric Lane
President & COO
Jay Chen
Jay Chen
Don Anderson
Don Anderson
Len Favata
Len Favata
Director of Infrastructure
Cam Simpson
Cam Simpson
Investment Research
Spencer Haik
Spencer Haik
Valuation Analyst
Josh Diaddigo
Josh Diaddigo
Head of Data Engineering
Griffin Schroeder
Griffin Schroeder
Ali Hartman
Ali Hartman
Head of Responsible Investment

Tiger Global Management – Investments

Project Score Date Price Status Industry
FalconX logoFalconX
01 Aug
FalconX logoFalconX
01 Mar
FalconX logoFalconX
01 Jun
quicknode logoQuickNode
27 Oct Past
LayerZero LogoLayerZero
01 Mar Past

Tiger Global Management – Co-investors

Fund Score Type Project Support Social Influence Co-investments
Coinbase Ventures logo Coinbase Ventures Very High Exchange Very High Very High
MultiCoin logo Multicoin Capital High Venture Very High Medium
Sequoia Capital Logo Sequoia Capital Very High Venture Very High Very High
Alameda Research Logo Alameda Research Very Low Venture
OKX Ventures logo OKX Ventures Venture
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