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Picks and Shovels, led by General Partner Josh Schlisserman, is a venture capital firm specializing in foundational companies for various industries. Schlisserman, also the Chief of Staff at Series, brings expertise in identifying market fit, product development, and organizational scaling. Recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 in VC, he leverages his experience to support the growth of essential tool and service providers. Picks and Shovels focuses on investing in "picks and shovels" companies, essential to the enterprise sector's infrastructure. Their strategic approach targets foundational businesses, crucial for the success and growth of other companies in the ecosystem.

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Picks and Shovels - About

Picks and Shovels is a venture capital firm led by General Partner Josh Schlisserman, who also serves as the Chief of Staff at Series, a company defining the Enterprise OS for institutions and corporations. Picks and Shovels focuses on investing in and supporting the growth of companies that provide essential tools and services ("picks and shovels") for various industries, particularly in the enterprise sector.

Josh Schlisserman brings a wealth of experience to Picks and Shovels, having been involved with Series since its inception. His expertise lies in identifying problem market fit, curating product roadmaps, and scaling organizations effectively. His journey with Series, a Series A backed company with support from notable investors like 776, Caffeinated Capital, Fin VC, Kleiner Perkins, and others, has equipped him with valuable insights and experiences that he aims to share with the next generation of founders.

Prior to his current roles, Schlisserman was recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 in the VC category and participated in Recast Capital’s Enablement Program, which identifies emerging managers in the venture capital space. His background and achievements highlight his commitment to nurturing and guiding startups, particularly those that are foundational to the growth and success of other businesses.

In summary, Picks and Shovels, under Josh Schlisserman's leadership, is positioned as a venture capital firm that not only invests in but also actively supports the development of foundational companies in the enterprise ecosystem. Their focus on "picks and shovels" companies reflects a strategic approach to investing in businesses that provide essential services and tools across various industries.

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