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Placeholder Ventures, a VC firm based in NYC, specializes in decentralized networks and web3. With a robust portfolio of over 70 investments since 2017, they focus on reshaping data and wealth distribution through blockchain technology, advocating for equitable digital and financial structures.

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Placeholder Ventures - About

Placeholder Ventures is a New York City-based venture capital firm that has carved out a niche for itself by investing in decentralized information networks and web3 services. Managed by partners Joel Monegro, Chris Burniske, and venture partner Brad Burnham, with Mario Laul as head of research, the firm has been actively investing since 2017. Placeholder Ventures is not just another capital firm; it is a partnership that deeply engages with the fabric of decentralized technology.

The firm has a diverse portfolio, having invested in over 70 early-stage companies and networks across various sectors within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, including but not limited to decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain infrastructure, and digital art platforms. Their investments span prominent and emerging technologies such as Ethereum, Solana, Arweave, and Zcash, reflecting a broad yet discerning investment strategy.

Placeholder's investment thesis revolves around the transformative potential of decentralized protocols to redistribute data, wealth, and power more equitably across society. They are known for their thought leadership in the space, frequently publishing insightful blog posts that delve into the implications of blockchain technology on various aspects of the digital and financial worlds.

The firm's approach is characterized by a deep technical understanding and a collaborative spirit, working closely with entrepreneurs to build networks that are not only innovative but also sustainable and community-oriented. Placeholder Ventures stands out for its commitment to advancing the decentralization movement, fostering a more open and accessible internet, and shaping the future of digital interaction and financial systems.

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