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Maven 11 Capital

Maven 11 Capital


Maven 11 Capital is a proactive, crypto-native investment fund that partners with innovative outliers to redefine digital ownership. They offer hands-on support and value technical expertise, fostering long-term relationships to navigate the complex crypto market and drive future-centric projects.

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N/A 05 Nov 2023

Maven 11 Capital Overview

Type: Venture
Total Investment: 3
Project Support: N/A
Social Influence: N/A
Last Investment: 01 Feb
Region of Origin: N/A
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Type of project assistance: N/A

Maven 11 Capital - About

Maven 11 Capital positions itself as a crypto-native investment fund that is deeply committed to partnering with the outliers of the industry—those who dare to challenge the established norms and are on a mission to redefine ownership through open, inclusive, and permissionless crypto networks. Their philosophy is built around the belief that the future of ownership lies within the transformative power of these networks.

The team at Maven 11 Capital is not content with just writing checks; they prefer to get their hands dirty, working in the trenches alongside the founders they invest in. They pride themselves on being active participants, offering guidance and hands-on help from the inception of an idea to its full realization.

Maven 11 is drawn to boldness and technical fluency, valuing founders who are not afraid to act on their insights and possess the technical acumen to disrupt the status quo. They understand that the complexities of the market require strong, meaningful relationships built on transparency and support, and they approach these relationships with a long-term perspective.

At its core, Maven 11 is a team driven by a shared passion for shaping the future, seeking to partner with those who are building it. They are a testament to the belief that the most legendary projects are born from a combination of courage, technical prowess, and deep, enduring relationships.

Maven 11 Capital - Indusries

Maven 11 Capital News

Maven 11 Capital – Investments

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01 Feb $0.0094 Past
$0.0955 Past
$1 Past
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