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Protocol Ventures, a leading fund of funds in the cryptocurrency space, stands out for its strategic investments in the top ten crypto hedge funds. With a portfolio that spans highly liquid crypto assets, SAFTs, and equity in blockchain/crypto companies, it offers diversified exposure through a single investment. Recognized for its deep industry insights and global network, Protocol Ventures caters exclusively to Qualified Purchasers, emphasizing its focus on sophisticated, high-net-worth investors. Forbes' "Gold" rating in 2018 further cements its status in the blockchain industry.

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Protocol Ventures is a prominent fund of funds in the cryptocurrency asset class, recognized for its strategic investments in the top ten crypto funds. With over 300 hedge funds focused on cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Protocol Ventures has established robust relationships with leading hedge fund managers in this domain. Their portfolio is diverse, including funds that invest exclusively in highly liquid crypto assets, SAFTs (Simple Agreements for Future Tokens), and equity of leading blockchain/crypto-related companies.

The fund prioritizes investment in an elite group of funds within the crypto space, selected based on past and expected performance, quality of fund management, and complementary fund strategies. This approach offers investors diversified exposure through a single Limited Partner (LP) investment. Protocol Ventures aligns with fund managers who possess a deep technical understanding of blockchain technology, asymmetric knowledge and vision of the industry, global networks, a value-add approach to ecosystem growth, and a clear, differentiated investment thesis.

In 2018, Forbes rated Protocol Ventures as a "Gold" Standard Crypto Investment Fund, highlighting its significant impact and reputation in the blockchain industry. As a 3(c)(7) fund, Protocol Ventures is accessible only to Qualified Purchasers, defined as individuals or families with a minimum of $5 million in assets. This exclusivity underscores the fund's focus on sophisticated and high-net-worth investors.

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