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SaxeCap specializes in transforming businesses through automation and AI, focusing on industries like Education, HR, Travel & Hospitality, Asset Management, Supply Chain, and Insurance. They have successfully executed over two dozen projects, yielding significant enterprise expansion value. Notable achievements include enhancing customer experience in education, supercharging productivity in travel, predicting compliance violations in financial services, and automating workflows in media. Their rapid deployment of bespoke solutions leads to substantial up-sell increases, churn reduction, cost savings, and EBITDA expansion. SaxeCap's innovative approach in leveraging AI and automation marks them as a transformative player in modernizing traditional industries.

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SaxeCap - About

SaxeCap is a transformative force in the realm of business automation and artificial intelligence. Their focus is on driving substantial enterprise expansion value across various 'old economy' industries, including Education, HR, Travel & Hospitality, Asset Management, Supply Chain, and Insurance. With a track record of executing over two dozen transformations, SaxeCap has demonstrated its ability to significantly enhance business operations and outcomes.

One of their notable projects involved transforming customer experience in the education sector for a K-12 online school serving over 12,000 students. In just eight weeks, the SaxeCap team designed and deployed a bespoke customer experience product, tripling up-sell rates, reducing churn by more than 12%, and sending over 200,000 personalized marketing messages.

In the travel industry, SaxeCap supercharged productivity for a $500M+ PE-owned group travel firm. They developed an automation system that augmented the firm's process of booking over 500,000 group travel tickets annually, resulting in $8-10M in airfare spend reduction and a 15%+ EBITDA expansion.

For a $100M compliance software firm in the financial services sector, SaxeCap operationalized over a decade of proprietary compliance violation data to create a machine learning-based system for calculating employee risk scores. This innovation allowed clients to proactively address compliance risks, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.

In the media industry, SaxeCap automated manual workflows for a $1B+ media BPO firm. Within eight weeks, they built and deployed a system to automate high-volume, manual processes related to payments for actors, directors, writers, and guilds, achieving over $6M in annual cost savings.

SaxeCap's approach is characterized by rapid deployment, innovative solutions, and significant cost savings, making them a key player in leveraging AI and automation to revolutionize traditional industries.

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