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SK Group is a leading conglomerate focused on creating economic and social prosperity through innovative solutions. Committed to social value, they showcased AI and clean technologies at CES 2024, emphasizing environmental sustainability. With a global presence, SK operates in diverse industries, including electric vehicle innovation and sustainable transportation. Their pharmaceutical arm, SK Pharmteco, is expanding in the U.S., reflecting their commitment to healthcare innovation. Recognized on TIME’s list of influential companies, SK Group is a visionary entity driving positive change and shaping a better future.

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SK Group - About

SK Group is a dynamic conglomerate committed to building industries that drive future economic and social prosperity. With a strong focus on innovative solutions, SK Group is dedicated to creating a better tomorrow. The group's ethos is centered around social value, which is deeply embedded in all its endeavors.

At the forefront of technological advancement, SK Group recently showcased world-class AI and clean technologies at CES 2024, highlighting its commitment to cutting-edge innovation. The group's efforts in creating a theme park of carbon-cutting technologies at the same event further emphasize its dedication to environmental sustainability.

SK Group's approach to business is about making meaningful connections between its diverse businesses, people, and offerings. This holistic approach is evident in their community engagement, such as in Plano, Texas, where they celebrate local contributions and foster community spirit.

The group operates globally with a wide array of companies under its umbrella, spanning various industries. This global presence is coupled with a strong commitment to social value, which is a cornerstone of SK Group's philosophy. They are actively involved in supporting electric vehicle innovation, developing next-generation all-solid-state batteries for better EV range, and making transportation more sustainable.

In the pharmaceutical sector, SK Pharmteco's expansion in the U.S. and its controlling interest in the Center for Breakthrough Medicines showcase SK Group's dedication to healthcare innovation.

SK Group's influence extends to being named on TIME’s list of 100 Most Influential Companies of 2023, a testament to its significant impact across various sectors.

In summary, SK Group is not just a conglomerate; it's a visionary entity driving positive change through innovation, sustainability, and a deep commitment to social values, making it

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