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Synaps provides advanced identity verification solutions, focusing on the crypto industry's diverse needs, from bot elimination to regulatory compliance. Their platform offers a gradual identification flow, balancing compliance with data privacy. Key features include Sybil resistance, uniqueness certification, custom claims for access, and KYC/KYB checks. Synaps has supported significant fundraising efforts globally, emphasizing user and data privacy with its high-security technology. Their services cater to both individual users and businesses, ensuring efficient and secure identity verification processes.

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Synaps is a platform that specializes in providing comprehensive identity verification solutions, catering to various stages of a project, from Personhood validation to regulated KYC/AML and KYB processes. Their services are designed to prevent fraud and expedite user onboarding, particularly within the crypto industry, where identification needs range from eliminating bots to complying with increasing regulations. Synaps offers a gradual identification flow for Web3, balancing compliance with data privacy while adhering to the privacy-friendly ethos of the crypto industry.

Key features of Synaps include:

  1. Confirm Humanity: Building Sybil resistance to distinguish bots from humans.
  2. Certify Uniqueness: Identifying duplicate users to build trust-based communities.
  3. Leverage Custom Claims: Granting access based on certified anonymous credentials.
  4. Verify ID Documents: Implementing KYC or KYB checks to comply with regulations.

Synaps has supported over $5 billion in fundraising, with a presence in 195+ countries and a significant portion of onboarded VCs. They offer a range of services, including integration of the Anima protocol for instant user identification, custom identification flows, full compliance solutions with in-house legal experts, and high-security technology to ensure data privacy. Their solutions are designed to provide custom identity solutions with high pass rates worldwide, catering to both individual users and businesses.

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