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Tangent, a Web 3 angel investment collective, champions transformative projects in the blockchain realm. Selecting ten teams annually, they aim to revolutionize human interaction on the internet with a focus on value and societal impact. Their experienced team, including leaders like Jason Choi and Darryl Wang, provides capital, strategic guidance, and expert advice without external investors. Tangent's portfolio highlights their commitment to fostering innovation in Web 3, making them a key figure in the industry's growth.

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N/A 02 Apr 2024

Tangent Overview

Type: Venture
Total Investment: 1
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Last Investment: 19 Jul
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Tangent - About

Tangent is a distinguished collective of Web 3 angel investors, featuring seasoned operators and founders from within the sphere of the largest projects and protocols in Web 3. This group focuses on investing capital into a select ten teams annually, aiming to revolutionize the way humans transact, connect, and interact within a self-sovereign Internet. Tangent’s core mission is to become the most value-add investor on any cap table by bringing Web 3 to the masses through friendly terms, expert advice, and a non-spray-and-pray approach to investment.

With a portfolio boasting some of the crypto world’s most utilized protocols, Tangent’s approach is deeply rooted in supporting high conviction ideas with proprietary capital, thus enabling them to offer unparalleled support to founders. The team, led by individuals like Jason Choi from Hong Kong and Darryl Wang from Singapore, brings a wealth of experience from leading crypto funds and projects, underlining Tangent's commitment to fostering groundbreaking Web 3 innovations.

Tangent's investment strategy is not just about financial support but also involves providing critical strategic guidance across various stages of company development. The fund has been instrumental in the early growth of many projects within the blockchain and crypto space, including DeFi aggregators, digital communities, and cross-chain infrastructure providers. This strategy, combined with their high-conviction, principled approach, has positioned Tangent as a key player in the advancement of Web 3 technologies, driving both innovation and societal impact in the digital age.

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Ethena logoEthena
19 Jul Past
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