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Thoma Bravo, a leading private equity firm, excels in software and technology investments. With over 40 years of experience, the firm has completed over 450 transactions, managing assets exceeding $131 billion. Their diverse portfolio includes more than 75 active companies and numerous successful exits. Thoma Bravo's recent activities span various tech sectors, from healthcare and cybersecurity to data intelligence and digital forensics. Their investment strategy focuses on building trust and fostering growth in their portfolio companies, showcasing their commitment to driving innovation and success in the technology sector.

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Thoma Bravo - About

Thoma Bravo is a leading private equity firm with a focus on software and technology investments. With a history spanning over 40 years, Thoma Bravo has established itself as a significant player in the private equity space, particularly in the technology sector. The firm has completed over 450 transactions, showcasing its extensive experience and expertise in this field.

As of June 30, 2023, Thoma Bravo manages assets totaling more than $131 billion, including both control and non-control investments. This substantial asset under management indicates the firm's scale and impact in the investment world. Thoma Bravo's portfolio includes over 75 current companies and has fully realized over 75 investments, demonstrating its active and successful investment strategy.

The firm's recent transactions cover a wide range of sectors within technology, including compliance and ESG, healthcare technology, secure collaboration, digital identity, data intelligence, global cybersecurity, medical intelligence, digital forensics, healthcare analytics, and business spend management. These transactions reflect Thoma Bravo's diverse interests and capabilities in various technology sub-sectors.

Thoma Bravo's approach to investment is characterized by building trust and partnering with technology companies to achieve greater success. Their commitment to investing in and supporting the growth of their portfolio companies is evident in their extensive track record of acquisitions and strategic investments.

In summary, Thoma Bravo stands out as a prominent private equity firm with a specialized focus on software and technology. Their extensive history, significant assets under management, and diverse portfolio of investments underscore their role as a key influencer in the technology investment landscape.

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