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Uniswap Labs Ventures, a new arm of Uniswap Labs, is making waves in the web3 economy by investing in a variety of teams across the web3 stack. Focused on long-term growth, community collaboration, and user-centric development, it's already backed key players like Tenderly and LayerZero. Led by Teo Leibowitz and MC Lader, the venture actively participates in protocol governance, contributing to the evolution of the web3 and DeFi landscapes. This initiative represents a significant move towards a decentralized, community-driven digital economy.

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Uniswap Labs Ventures - About

Uniswap Labs Ventures is an exciting new initiative launched by Uniswap Labs, aiming to unlock universal ownership and exchange for everyone, particularly in the burgeoning web3 economy. This venture is set to invest in various teams across the web3 stack, from infrastructure to developer tools and consumer-facing applications. With a strong emphasis on long-term building, community collaboration, and user-centric approaches, Uniswap Labs Ventures aligns with values that foster sustainable and impactful growth in the web3 space.

As a crypto-native development team, Uniswap Labs is well-positioned to offer substantial support to the teams it invests in, assisting in areas like strategy, product development, partnerships, engineering, and design. Moreover, the venture team plans to actively participate in both on and off-chain governance, particularly in protocols like MakerDAO, Aave, Compound, and Ethereum Name Service, to contribute responsibly to protocol governance and community evolution.

Teo Leibowitz, as the Ventures Lead, along with MC Lader, the Chief Operating Officer, will spearhead this venture. Uniswap Labs Ventures has already made significant investments in 11 companies and several native protocols within the web3 ecosystem. Some notable investments include Tenderly, LayerZero, MakerDAO, Aave, Compound Protocol, and PartyDAO, each playing a crucial role in the development and expansion of the web3 and DeFi landscapes.

For those building new projects in the web3 space and seeking support, Uniswap Labs Ventures is open to collaboration and can be contacted at [email protected]. This initiative marks a significant step towards a more inclusive, decentralized, and community-driven future in the digital economy.


For more detailed information, please read the announcement from Uniswap.

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