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WAMI Capital, based in Dubai, serves as the single-family office for the Transworld Group, managing a diversified global portfolio with a long-term investment focus. Led by the Ramakrishnan family, WAMI emphasizes enduring partnerships and direct investments alongside seasoned teams. The firm integrates robust philanthropy, supporting varied social causes through significant community engagement initiatives. Their strategy combines financial acumen with a strong commitment to societal impact.

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WAMI Capital, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, operates as the single-family office for the Transworld Group. It manages a global, diversified investment portfolio across a wide array of asset classes in both public and private markets, with a strategic focus on long-term investment horizons. The office embodies a deep commitment to building and maintaining enduring relationships with external investment managers, entrepreneurs, and institutional investors, engaging directly in ventures alongside high-quality management teams.

The leadership of WAMI Capital is helmed by prominent figures such as Ramesh S. Ramakrishnan, the chairman and driving force behind the Transworld Group, with over three decades of entrepreneurial experience in shipping and related sectors. Alongside him, Geeta Ramakrishnan, Ritesh Ramakrishnan, and Anisha Ramakrishnan play key roles in both operational leadership and strategic initiatives, including corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts that significantly impact various societal sectors through initiatives like education projects, blood donation camps, and more.

The firm’s investment philosophy is characterized by its comprehensive approach to asset allocation, guided by seasoned professionals within the family office. This approach is complemented by a robust philanthropic framework, through which the family engages in substantial civic engagement and support for the community across a range of causes, demonstrating a clear vision and commitment to social responsibility alongside financial management.

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