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07 April 2016

Caitlin Long is Custodia Bank CEO and a 22-year Wall Street veteran who believes in the revolutionary power of blockchain and digital assets. Caitlin possesses extensive experience in both financial services and cryptography. In 2020, she managed to establish a licensed Custodia Bank to create a so-called bridge between the dollar financial system and cryptocurrencies.

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Caitlin Long - About

Custodia Bank CEO, Caitlin Long, is an entrepreneur and a former supporter of blockchain technology. She has played an essential role in the development and promotion of rules and laws regarding the use of blockchain technologies.

With a rich financial background, Long boasts 22 years of expertise working on Wall Street, where she held a prestigious role as the Managing Director of Morgan Stanley. In 2016, she co-founded the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition, an organization that promotes and fosters the use of blockchain technologies in the state. 

One of Long's notable contributions is her work in Wyoming, where she has helped her native state enact 29 blockchain-enabling laws since 2018. As a result of her efforts among other contributors, the state of Wyoming has emerged as one of the most proactive supporters of the growth and adoption of blockchain technologies.

Caitlin is the current CEO and founder of the Custodia Bank, a Wyoming-based depository bank that aims to provide custody and banking services for institutional investors in the cryptocurrency space.

Custodia Bank’s CEO, Caitlin Long is an avid advocate for the regulated adoption of blockchain technologies, so she enjoys attending various conferences and sharing her experience and ideas on social media. Caitlin Long Twitter account is the most popular platform of hers. At the time of writing it boasts a follower base of 217K people.

Caitlin Long's work on accelerating the regulation of blockchain technologies has made her a well-known member of the crypto community. Moreover, she continues to contribute to blockchain adoption and innovation.

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