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CZ BinanceChangpeng Zhao (赵长鹏)Very HighTwitterENVery High
Jack DorseyJack DorseyVery HighTwitterENVery High
 Vitalik Buterin (vitalik.eth)Vitalik Buterin (vitalik.eth)Very HighTwitterENVery High
Justin SunH.E. Justin Sun 孙宇晨LowTwitterENHigh
Michael SaylorMichael SaylorVery HighTwitterENHigh
Gary VaynerchukGary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee)Very LowTwitterENMedium
NavalNaval (Naval Ravikant)Very HighTwitterENVery High
Paul GrahamPaul GrahamHighTwitterENVery High
Charles HoskinsonCharles HoskinsonN/ATwitterENHigh
Marc AndreessenMarc AndreessenMediumTwitterENVery High
Brian ArmstrongBrian ArmstrongHighTwitterENHigh
SatoshiliteCharlie LeeVery LowTwitterENVery Low
BalajiBalaji SrinivasanMediumTwitterENHigh
Ivan On TechIvan on TechN/AYouTubeENN/A
Michaël van de Poppe (Crypto Michaël)Michaël van de Poppe (Crypto Michaël)MediumTwitterENMedium
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An Ultimate List of All Professionally Analyzed Crypto Funders in One Place!

Following the founders of crypto startups and established companies can bring you numerous benefits, including insider insights about their projects, early access to tokens/ products/services, networking & marketing opportunities and thoughts from industry leaders.

Understanding the pivotal role of these crypto entrepreneurs, CoinLaunch has assembled a comprehensive resource that consolidates the ratings and analyses of these influential figures, offering you a one-stop destination for insights, assessments, and evaluations of their online presence and contributions to the crypto space. Our team of experts with a rich blockchain, marketing and financial background, has come up with a unique rating system that will provide an 360° overview of each KOL featured in our database. The CoinLaunch Score evaluates influencers’ profiles based on 80+ variables that altogether determine the influencer’s credibility.

Discover a complete list of crypto founders from Telegram, Discord, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter on CoinLaunch!


How to find crypto founders on social media?

The best method to discover leading cryptocurrency founders on social media is by checking ranking platforms, such as CoinLaunch. We diligently comb through the market every day, handpicking and evaluating trustworthy crypto founders using over 80 different evaluation criteria. With our specialized rating approach, you can be assured you're not overlooking vital information and receiving insights from the best experts in the field.

How do we rate crypto founders?

To evaluate and rank emerging and prominent cryptocurrency founders, we utilize a unique CoinLaunch Score. This scoring system is crafted from over 80 factors, encompassing an influencer's follower count, content quality, endorsements, engagement rate, affiliations with funds, significant partnerships, and more. By applying a mathematical formula to analyze statistical data and verified information about each influencer, we offer an impartial and comprehensive evaluation of both established and emerging crypto founders.

Who is a crypto founder?

A crypto founder is an individual or a group of people who are responsible for the creation and establishment of a cryptocurrency or a blockchain project. Cryptocurrency founders are typically the visionary minds behind the project, responsible for conceptualizing the idea, developing the technology, and guiding the project's growth and development.

Crypto founders can come from diverse backgrounds, including technology, finance, academia, and various industries. They often have a deep understanding of blockchain technology, cryptography, and the economic principles that underlie cryptocurrencies.

What topics do crypto founders cover in their social media accounts?

Crypto founders cover a wide range of topics on their social media accounts, reflecting their expertise, interests, and the nature of their projects. Here are some common topics that crypto founders might discuss on their social media platforms:

Project Updates: Crypto founders keep their followers informed about the latest developments and milestones achieved by their projects. This could include announcements about new partnerships, product releases, and technical advancements.

Market Analysis: Founders might offer their perspectives on market trends, price movements, and the overall state of the cryptocurrency market. They may also share analysis of how their project fits within the broader market landscape.

Thought Leadership: Founders often share their thoughts and predictions about the future of the blockchain industry. They may discuss potential innovations, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Founders may announce collaborations with other projects, companies, or individuals that align with their project's goals. These partnerships can help expand the project's reach and capabilities.

Events and Conferences: Founders may share information about upcoming events, conferences, and speaking engagements where they will be presenting or participating.

Personal Insights: Some founders provide glimpses into their personal lives, sharing experiences, and even their hobbies outside of the crypto world.