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Michaël van de Poppe (Crypto Michaël)

Michaël van de Poppe (Crypto Michaël)

First Activity:
20 May 2010

Michaël van de Poppe is a full-time dedicated swing and day trader. Michaël works at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and is convinced that blockchain is the key to a progressive future. His price prediction and forecasts are regularly featured in Cointelegraph, CoinDesk, and, leading industry media outlets that cover blockchain, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, and altcoin topics, offering its readers the latest news, market analyses, prices, and forecasts.

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EN Medium 12 Nov 2023

Michaël van de Poppe (Crypto Michaël) Social Media Influence

Followers Engagement Content Network Scam Promo
661,178 Medium High N/A N/A
162,000 Low N/A N/A N/A
57,821 Medium N/A N/A N/A

Michaël van de Poppe (Crypto Michaël) - About

Michael van de Poppe is an experienced trader, with a bachelor degree in economics, and crypto expert from the Netherlands. He got acquainted with cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin back in 2017. Since then, he has started sharing his experience and knowledge on social media, and now the Crypto Michael Twitter feed is followed by more than 668k people.

The Crypto Michaël YouTube channel boasts over 161,000 subscribers, covering a variety of topics related to cryptocurrency technical and fundamental analysis. His channel is a go-to place for those who want to dive deeper into trading strategies, patterns, trading signals, entry/exit points, trading tools, indicators, and so on. Thanks to Crypto Michael’s rich background and experience as a trader, his content is both valuable and expertly created.

In 2018, Crypto Michael established his own company, MN Trading, with the goal of creating a favorable learning environment for enthusiasts. The following years presented more challenges for Michael but still yielded fruitful results. So in 2023, he created his first course, the Crypto 101 Course, to help newcomers to the crypto sphere and now he is working on his second course, which will be focused on trading. Michael van de Poppe's estimated net worth is valued at a minimum of $1.45 million.

Michaël van de Poppe (Crypto Michaël) - Peformance Overview

Posting Frequency 3.67 / day 22.22%
Engagement Rate
0.90% Very Low
Engagement Rate Reach
0.90% Medium
Average Gain per day (30 days): ~ 64 Total Number per 30 Days: ~ 1,930 Followers Gain: ~ 0.29%
Total Views per 30 days: ~ 8,345,997 Views Gain: ~ -20.52% Views per post: ~ 75,873
Views Rate:
Total Likes per 30 days: ~ 58,458 Likes per post: ~ 531 Low Likes Rate:
Likes Rate Reach: High Likes Gain: ~ -1.13%
Total Comments per 30 days: ~ 9,029 Comments per post: ~ 82 Medium Comments Rate:
Very High
Comments Rate Reach: Medium Comments Gain: ~ 19.32%
Total Retweets per 30 days: ~ 7,272 Retweets per post: ~ 66 Very Low Retweets Rate:
Retweets Rate Reach: High Retweets Gain: ~ -2.92%
Total Quotes per 30 days: ~ 198 Quotes per post: ~ 2 Very Low Quotes Rate:
Very Low
Quotes Rate Reach: Very Low Quotes Gain: ~ -32.88%
Pros & Cons
No Data
Avg. Views 1.7K
Avg. Likes 149
Avg. Comments 17
Followers Gain -0.28%
Likes Gain -32.88%
Engagement Rate 0.10%

Subscribers Demographics

Pros & Cons Poor views growth Poor engagement growth

TOP 5 Audience Countries

nl Netherlands
29,220 / 18.0%
20 / 14.0%
us United States
22,344 / 13.8%
21 / 14.4%
gb United Kingdom
9,023 / 5.6%
9 / 6.7%
in India
7,305 / 4.5%
9 / 6.7%
ru russia is a terrorist state
7,090 / 4.4%
5 / 3.9%

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