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27 September 2021

Cryptohub Discord Server is a thriving crypto community with over 28,600 members exclusively focused on trading. Within this server, members can access both free and premium trading signals, with experienced traders providing the former and even more seasoned experts delivering the latter. Besides providing info on positions’ entry/exit points, the Cryptohub Discord Server offers its users trading resources, including guides, tutorials, webinars, and real-time market updates.

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EN High 17 Aug 2023

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Cryptohub - About

Crypto hub Discord server is a crypto community for investors, traders, and other crypto enthusiasts. It provides its members with free crypto materials such as signals, daily updates, news, guides, etc. In addition to free technical analysis guides, tips, and educational resources, Cryptohub also offers paid signals that can be obtained by joining a closed chat or winning their giveaway. Paid signals are provided by professional analysts who make forecasts of changes in the market. Being widely regarded as one of the best cryptocurrency-related Discord servers, it ensures the presence of more than 15 professional analysts who share signals and other recommendations via their Discord groups.

Why follow this crypto community?

  • A free community of crypto enthusiasts in various fields.
  • Access to premium signals for $15 per month.
  • Signal average 90% win rate! 
  • Airdrop guides.
  • Free signals.
  • Premium affiliate/referral program to earn money.
  • Daily news and updates in the crypto world.
  • Free trading materials.
  • Active community and premium chats.
  • Hidden gems, VC firms to follow and focus on token launches.
  • Links to wallets, VPNs, tax sites, and exchanges.
  • High level of security and spam prevention (Note: CoinLaunch can not guarantee the absence of inaccurate or biased Information within the server).

Cryptohub - Peformance Overview

% of users online: ~ 8.20% % of activity users: ~ 0.90%
Avg. Number of Reaction per Post: ~ 42 % of Reactions to Users: ~ 0.10%
Server Structure: High Gamification & Roles: Good Reaction Rate: Low Multi-language Chats Activity: N/A
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