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Coin BureauCoin BureauN/AYouTubeENN/A
il Capo Of Cryptoil Capo Of CryptoLowTwitterENVery High
K A L E OK A L E OVery LowTwitterENMedium
RovercrcCrypto RoverN/ATwitterENMedium
Johnny(CryptoGodJohn)Johnny(CryptoGodJohn)Very LowTwitterENHigh
Sheldon The SniperSheldon The SniperVery LowTwitterENLow
Wall Street Queen logoWallstreet Queen OfficialMediumTelegramENLow
LOVRINLovrinCryptoVery LowTwitterENLow
Rocky BalboaRocky BalboaVery LowTwitterENLow
crypto signals logoCrypto SignalsMediumTelegramENVery Low
Cripto VillaCripto VillaN/AYouTubePTN/A
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A Complete List of Crypto Signals Telegram, Discord, Youtube and Twitter Channels

So, what are crypto signals groups for and why are they so important? Think of them as a reliable compass that guides you in a complex world of cryptocurrencies. These groups provide real-time insights, alerts and expert analysis, helping you make decisions on buying, selling, or holding crypto assets.

At CoinLaunch, we've done a serious due diligence for you. Our team has meticulously evaluated and selected all the existing groups, channels and servers, ensuring that you have access to accurate and professionally verified information. CoinLaunch seamlessly brings together crypto signals groups from a variety of social media platforms, including Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube and so forth. 

In the rapidly changing landscape of the cryptocurrency industry, having timely and trustworthy information is key. To help you navigate this educational and investing journey, we developed a special rating system called CoinLaunch Score. This mathematical formula incorporates 80+ factors that are meant to evaluate the trustworthiness and potential of a crypto influencer. 

Get ready to elevate your crypto experience with CoinLaunch!


What are cryptocurrency signals?

Crypto signals are recommendations or forecasts for cryptocurrency trading generated by experts or algorithms. By integrating crypto signals into their daily routine or bot trading, crypto traders can potentially take advantage of profitable investment and trading opportunities and make more stable profits. Crypto signals provide traders with key trading information such as entry and exit points, stop loss levels, and take profit targets. 

The crypto signals can be provided by: 

  • Twitter crypto signals accounts
  • Free or paid Discord crypto signals servers
  • Crypto signal Telegram Channels or Groups
  • Crypto daily trade signals Youtube channels
  • Market analyst in TikTok
  • Trading expert via Instagram

Signals can be obtained from various sources including: 

  1. Technical analysis: Experts study price charts, patterns, and indicators to forecast potential price movements.
  2. Fundamental analysis: Analysts assess the intrinsic value of a cryptocurrency and forecast price changes by analyzing factors like news, global events, technology advancement, crypto adoption, and market demand.
  3. Sentiment analysis: Monitoring social media sentiment, news articles, and overall market state to gauge overall market mood and potential price shifts.

Best crypto signals Telegram groups

So, let's take a look at the TOP 3 cryptocurrency signals groups on Telegram, based on past performance, content, expertise, and more:

  1. The team launched the channel in 2014. Traders receive signals to buy and sell crypto via free and VIP chats on Telegram. The free chat sends users three signals per week, while the VIP chat members receive from two to three (2-3) crypto trading tips daily with a claimed success rate of 82%.
  2. Learn2Trade: Like, Learn2Trade offers a free Telegram group and VIP service. Learn2Trade provides three signals per week with a success rate of 76% for members of the free chat. Users who opted for the VIP group receive from three to five (3-5) signals every day. These signals contain entry points, as well as stop loss and take profit levels.
  3. WOLFX: If you are looking for an easy-to-understand channel, then your best option is WOLFX Signals. It is one of the leading crypto trading and investment signal providers with a free group containing 85,000+ members at the time of writing. They send two crypto signals per week to the free chat. The VIP group users receive from one to four signals per day, which include a brief asset description, entry points, stop loss and take profit levels.

Where to find free crypto signals Telegram channels?

If earlier you had to scour dozens of articles and regularly comb Telegram to find free crypto signals Telegram channels, now you only have to visit one comprehensive ranking platform - CoinLaunch. It’s a place where you can find already analyzed influencer profiles, each with its unique rating and in-depth review. CoinLaunch presents a convenient way for crypto enthusiasts to search and review various free crypto signals channels without spending a lot of time and effort on a manual analysis.

How accurate are paid vs free crypto signals Discord servers?

Getting free cryptocurrency signals on Discord might sound great because, since they are free! But there's a catch. No one takes responsibility if those signals don't turn out to be accurate. So, you should be ready – some of those Discord signals might end up being wrong. On the other hand, if you pay for signals on Discord, things are a bit different. Their forecasts exhibit a higher accuracy rate, enhancing their credibility. Conversely, the accuracy range of free platforms is generally lower. Thus, a decision on whether to buy or sell cryptocurrency based on the recommendations of free signals is left to the trader.