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28 February 2007

Naval, an influential thinker and speaker, has been active since early 2007. Known for his profound insights and philosophical approach, he covers a wide range of topics including wealth creation, personal development, and technology. Naval's content is characterized by its depth and thought-provoking nature.

Also featured on the platform as an angel investor.

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Naval (Naval Ravikant) - About

Wealth and Success: He often shares insights on wealth creation, entrepreneurship, and strategies for success. His approach combines practical advice with philosophical depth.

Personal Development: Naval's content frequently touches on self-improvement, mindfulness, and the pursuit of happiness, offering guidance and reflections on personal growth.

Technology and Innovation: As a prominent figure in the tech industry, he discusses trends in technology, startups, and innovation, providing valuable insights into the tech landscape.

Philosophical Insights: Naval is known for his philosophical tweets, where he delves into life's big questions and shares his perspectives on various aspects of human existence.

Engagement with Followers: Despite his large following, Naval maintains a level of interaction with his audience, often sparking deep conversations and debates.

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Likes Rate Reach: Very High Likes Gain: ~ 54.89%
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Comments Rate Reach: Very Low Comments Gain: ~ -39.78%
Total Retweets per 30 days: ~ 17,403 Retweets per post: ~ 1,088 Very High Retweets Rate:
Very High
Retweets Rate Reach: Very High Retweets Gain: ~ 19.40%
Total Quotes per 30 days: ~ 993 Quotes per post: ~ 62 High Quotes Rate:
Very High
Quotes Rate Reach: Medium Quotes Gain: ~ -31.75%
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