ChainGPT Pad is a rising star in the fundraising landscape. Since its inception in June 2023, the platform has already conducted 7 successful IDOs with an ATH ROI of 7.39x and raised $1.36M. The launchpad has a pretty significant current average ROI of 3.65x taking into consideration the ongoing bear market cycle and fierce competition. The Chain GPT introduced an incubation program, aiming not only to launch new crypto projects but also to foster them into prosperous businesses. Among the most successful launched projects are ChappyzFriend 3, and Work X.

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
High 27 Dec 2023

ChainGPT Pad Overview

Number of Token Sales: 1
Project Support: High
Social Influence: Very High
Total Funds Raised: 200K
Last Token Sales: 04 March
Region of Origin: United States
Influence Geography: North and South America, CIS
Type of project assistance: Product Development; Marketing; Fundraising; Networking; Listing; Market Making
Security Audit: n/a

ChainGPT Pad - About

The ChainGPT launchpad stands as an integral component within the expansive Chain GPT crypto & AI ecosystem. Now, let's delve deeper into this revolutionary platform, leaving no room for questions like “What is ChainGPT?”

ChainGPT is an innovative venture, developing at the crossroads of the two most innovative and complex spheres – blockchain and artificial intelligence. The company was founded in 2022 and created an advanced AI model offering both individuals and businesses a wide range of AI services related to crypto: smart contract development and audit, AI trading, AI NFT generator, blockchain analytics, and yet more to come, according to the company’s roadmap. The company uses the ChanGPT coin (CGPT) as a utility token and opens to its holders various opportunities, such as access to the AI model, staking, DAO membership, and participation in token sales on the ChainGPT ICO platform.

In June 2023, the company extended the list of its products introducing the ChainGPT Pad – a crypto launchpad for promising projects at any development stage. To participate in the IDO user needs to register, pass KYC, and verify the wallet. After that, stake $CGPT and register for the project token sale you’re interested in.

The IDO is carried out in 2 rounds:

  • Guaranteed Allocation is designed for the top staking tier groups Silver, Gold, and Diamond. More detailed information about tiers can be found here.
  • The First Come, First Serve (FCFS) Round is opened to a broader audience. However, the company points out that there is a big chance that the IDO will be completed in the first round.

ChainGPT launchpad offers an incubation program to help pioneering projects stand out from the crowd and get wide recognition. The projects are carefully handpicked and evaluated because projects can derive benefits from extensive guidance like project development, marketing, fundraising, and networking opportunities. Moreover, if the applying project does not require the full power of the incubation, the company offers an acceleration program, covering the specific needs of the venture. Fill out the form to participate in ChainGPT IDO or apply for the incubation program.

ChainGPT Pad - Indusries

ChainGPT Pad Team

Ilan Rakhmanov
Ilan Rakhmanov
Founder & CEO
Ariel Asafov
Ariel Asafov
Tome Grubisic
Tome Grubisic
Executive Director
Mitchell Girao
Mitchell Girao
Chief People Officer
Dr. Adnan Tariq
Adnan Tariq
AI Team Lead & Advisor
Cameron French
Cameron French
Director of Community Management

ChainGPT Pad News

ChainGPT Pad – Token Sales

Project Score Round Score End Date Price Amount to Raise Status Industry
Patex LogoPatex
Low04 Mar$0.95$200,000Past
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