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Total Raise: $2,032,000
Date: 01 Feb - 08 Apr

ChainGPT is an advanced Artificial Intelligence model that is meant to assist people with questions and queries regarding web3, cryptocurrency and blockchain space. It is purpose-built for individuals, developers, and businesses to help them with various tasks such as no-code smart contract programming & auditing, debugging, technical analysis, and trading. During a series of 4 IDOs hosted on leading launchpads like Seedify, WePad, Poolz Finance, and Enjinstarter, ChatGPT has successfully secured $720k in funding, demonstrating its potential to be an industry game changer.

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ChainGPT Overview

Ticker: CGPT
Country: United States
Founded: 2022
Whitelist: No
Blockchain Network: Binance Smart Chain
KYC: Yes
Bounty: Yes
MVP: Yes
Type: IDO
Security Audit: Yes

ChainGPT Review

A relatively new platform that has been creating a lot of buzz on the market, ChainGPT, is an advanced AI model exclusively focused on blockchain and crypto-related topics. 

Founded in 2022, the project has reached quite a few milestones in less than 2 years, launching and listing its utility token $CGPT on top decentralized and centralized exchanges, such as Pancakeswap, KuCoin, and ByBit.

Beside the core platform’s feature - AI solidity smart contract generation & auditing, ChainGPT offers 6 other dedicated products: AI NFT generator, AI chatbot assistant, blockchain analytics, advanced AI trading assistant, ChainGPT Pad, AI-generated news.

Beyond public appreciation, ChainGPT was highly recognized by the Google research team. As a part of the Google Cloud's Web3 Startup Program the project received a substantial $350,000 operational grant. 

Apart from releasing the initial version of the AI chatbot, ChainGPT’s team plans on releasing both Android and iOS apps, a web wallet, a ChainGPT (testnet) blockchain, and a prompt marketplace.

ChainGPT Token Economy

Total Raise: $2,032,000
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Private/Pre-sale: 221,484,615 (22.15%)
Public Sale: 90,000,000 (9%)
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): $8,000,000
Initial Circulation Supply: $813,511 (10.17% of FDV)

ChainGPT Token Sale (ICO & IDO) Rounds

Private: 01 Feb - 01 Feb

Price: $0.005
Tokens for sale: 114,000,000
Raise: $570,000
Lock-Up: 3,5% unlock at TGE, 3 months cliff, 18 months vesting
Private: 03 Mar - 07 Mar

Price: $0.0065
Tokens for sale: 296,000,000
Raise: $192,400
Lock-Up: 7% TGE, 3 month cliff, 14 months linear vesting
Private: 03 Apr - 07 Apr

Price: $0.0065
Tokens for sale: 7,692,308
Raise: $50,000
Lock-Up: 7% TGE, 3 month cliff, 14 months linear vesting
Launchpad: YAY Network Logo YAY Network
Private: 04 Apr - 05 Apr

Price: $0.0065
Tokens for sale: 7,692,308
Raise: $50,000
Lock-Up: 7% TGE, 3 month cliff, 14 months linear vesting
Launchpad: Decubate Decubate
Influencers: 01 Mar - 01 Mar

Price: $0.0072
Tokens for sale: 62,500,000
Raise: $450,000
Lock-Up: 10% unlock at TGE, 2 months cliff, 10 months vesting
IDO: 06 Apr - 06 Apr

Price: $0.008
Tokens for sale: 12,500,000
Raise: $100,000
Lock-Up: 15% unlock at the listing, 2 months cliff, linear for 8 ...
Launchpad: WePad logo WePad
IDO: 07 Apr - 08 Apr

Price: $0.008
Tokens for sale: 48,125,000
Raise: $284,806
Lock-Up: 15% unlock at the listing, 2 months cliff, linear for 8 ...
Launchpad: seedify logo Seedify
IDO: 06 Apr - 08 Apr

Price: $0.008
Tokens for sale: 12,500,000
Raise: $100,000
Lock-Up: 15% unlock at the listing, 2 months cliff, 8 months vesting.
Launchpad: enjinstarter logo png Enjinstarter
IDO: 05 Oct - 05 Apr

Price: $0.008
Tokens for sale: 15,000,000
Raise: $120,000
Lock-Up: 15% unlock at the listing, 2 months cliff, linear for 8 ...
Launchpad: Poolz Finance logo Poolz Finance

ChainGPT Funds and Backers

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ChainGPT Marketing Activity

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media & Community Management
PR & Traffic
Marketing Infrastructure
Influencer Marketing
Growth Marketing
Last Update:  17 Oct 2023 Upgrade

ChainGPT Team

Ilan Rakhmanov
Ilan Rakhmanov
Ariel Asafov
Ariel Asafov
Chief Operations Officer
Mitchell Girao
Mitchell Girao
Chief Communications Officer and Chief People Officer
Vladi Filatov
Vladi Filatov
Chief Administrative Officer
Dr. Adnan Tariq
Adnan Tariq
Head of AI Development
Jacob Wallace
Jacob Wallace
Business Development Manager
Jacob Wallace
Felix Tonio Stintzing
Content & Media Director
Cameron French
Cameron French
Head of Community Management

ChainGPT News

ChainGPT Roadmap

2022 Q3-Q4
  • The idea of ChainGPT was born.
  • Team Creation.
  • Design & planning of our leading AI model.
  • ChainGPT Advanced AI Model Development.
  • ChainGPT AI Model Research, Testing, Improvement.
  • Pitching to big-tech companies, and founders, attracting support and early investors.
  • Development of a Chatbot based on ChainGPT’s AI model.
  • Research Paper Release (v1.0 whitepaper).
2023 Q1-Q2

ChainGPT AI Development:

  • AI Chatbot Prototype Version Release.
  • Staking & Farming DApp designed for $CGPT and supported tokens.
  • ChainGPT AI on Telegram ( 
  • DAO voting system for $CGPT holders.

ChainGPT AI-Based Utilities Development

  • DevAssist Release: a browser extension powered by ChainGPT AI technology providing users with information about smart contracts they interact with them.
  • AI smart-contracts auditor (add-on to ChainGPT)
  • AI smart-contracts generator (add-on to ChainGPT)
  • Ask Crypto People (add-on to ChainGPT)
  • ChainGPT AI NFT Generator: generate NFTs & deploy them on-chain within seconds!

$CGPT Token:

  • $CGPT utility token release dates & tokenomics announcement.
  • $CGPT Smart-Contract audit & security report.
  • $CGPT token private token sale (institutions and beneficial growth investors).
  • $CGPT token public utility token sale round (Platform: Seedify, WePad, EnjinStarter, Poolz).
  • $CGPT token launch (Exchange listings: KuCoin, ByBit, Bitget, MEXC, Gate, PancakeSwap, KyberSwap, BitMart, Thena, and more).


  • Marketing team formation & community growth.
  • Could you increase your social presence?
  • Documentations Release (v2.0 whitepaper).
  • Bug Bounty Program.
  • Ambassador Program.
  • Survey & user feedback research.
  • Partnerships Announcements. 
  • Expand our engineering team
2023 Q3
  • AI NFT Generator DApp based on ChainGPT Tech.
  • ChainGPT Pad : An AI-focused launchpad 
  • ChainGPT AI on Discord 
  • ChainGPT AI on Twitter 
  • ChainGPT V1 Web-Application
  • Prompt marketplace: Share your best prompts & earn $CGPT rewards.
  • ChainGPT AI-News: AI-generated Blockchain/Crypto daily news & live updates.
  • API & SDK access for businesses & developers.
2023 Q4

General Ecosystem Roadmp:

  • ChainGPT AI-Powered Security Extension
  • ChainGPT App for IOS & Android release, with built-in $CGPT supporting wallet.
  • DAO funds will begin unlocking to the DAO treasury (controlled by DAO voting) (150m $CGPT tokens over five years, starting October 2023)
  • ChainGPT AI Trading Assistant (Chart & Technical Analysis tool)
  • ChainGPT's RE:BOT NFT Collection [revealed from the hidden road-map] 
  • Expand the functionality of ChainGPT's SDK
  • #1 Product release from the hidden road-map 
  • #2 Product release from the hidden road-map 

AI NFT Generator Upgrade: 

  • Integrate popular NFT marketplaces into the AI NFT Generator. 
  • AI NFT Generator SDK release (build your own NFT Generator easily).
  • ChainGPT AI NFT Generator Whitelabel Open-Source (Replit/GitHub). 
  • Update UI/UX Design.
  • 16:9 & 1:1 resolution types.
  • Art type (2D, 3D, Realistic).
  • Profile pages for users. 
2024 Q1-Q2
  • ]Open-sourced "AI NFT Generator" built with ChainGPT's SDK
  • Open-sourced "Web3 AI Chatbot" built with ChainGPT's SDK

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