Decubate is a multichain IDO launchpad and incubator dedicated to supporting web3 startups in various aspects including marketing, market making, networking and crowdfunding. 

The Decubate launchpad implements a tier-based reward system, holds learn-to-earn initiatives, and conducts public sales events for its community, all empowered by its unique Refund Policy. 

Since its inception in 2021, Decubate has successfully launched over 10 IDOs, raising a total of $970K. The launch of TradeTomato stands out as one of the most successful IDOs on Decubate, achieving an ATH ROI of 6.08x and raising over $100K.

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Medium 12 Dec 2023

Decubate Overview

Number of Token Sales: 2
Project Support: Medium
Social Influence: Medium
Total Funds Raised: 350K
Last Token Sales: 29 May
Region of Origin: Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Influence Geography: Middle East; Western Europe; Eastern Asia; Eastern Europe; Central America.
Type of project assistance: Incubation; Tokenomics consultancy; Token Vesting & Token Staking; Fundraising; Networking; Marketing.
Security Audit: n/a

Decubate - About

The Decubate Launchpad is a community-driven platform that supports both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) networks. It is a crucial part of the Decubate ecosystem, which consists of three main components:

  • Token Distribution and Management Software: This essential part of the Decubate ecosystem provides ready-made solutions for token vesting, token staking, and market-making for crypto startups. Startup teams can customize those products according to their needs and goals without requiring any coding skills.
  • Incubator: This component provides web3 startup teams with marketing, tokenomics, networking and advisory support.
  • Launchpad: This component assists startups in fundraising and community building. Powered by its native DCB token, it offers community members liquidity pool staking and the opportunity to participate in learn-to-earn and public sale events, all supported by its Refund Policy.

The Decubate Refund Policy is a smart contract-based mechanism that enables users to either claim tokens or request a refund during a predetermined period after the IDO has ended. For each refund, the smart contract charges a protection fee based on users' staking tier, that then goes to the Decubate token buyback & burns program or $DCB liquidity pools. 

Participation in the IDO requires completing KYC verification and staking $DCB. DCB coin is a platform’s native utility token. Users can stake it in liquidity pools to earn rewards and increase their staking tier. Stakers of Decubate coin benefit from access to exclusive launchpad events, governance voting, increased IDO allocation and improved Refund Policy terms. 

Find out more information about Decubate tiers here.

Decubate - Indusries

Decubate Team

Elliot Hagemeijer
Elliot Hagemeijer
Co-founder & CEO
Vinodh Raghoenath
Vinodh Raghoenath
Koen van der Burg
Koen van der Burg
Jay M.

Decubate News

Decubate – Token Sales

Project Score Round Score End Date Price Amount to Raise Status Industry
ChainGPT LogoChainGPT
Very High05 Apr$0.0065$50,000Past
Saakuru Protocol Animated logoSaakuru
High29 May$0.025$300,000Past
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