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citizend (CTND)

Total Raise: $3,000,000
Date: 01 Jan - 25 May

Citizend is the community-curated token-launch platform of web3, enabling high-quality projects to receive community contributions before token launch, and also conduct token launches without compromising their token economy health. Citizend's mechanics optimize for maximum token distribution, while enabling price discovery. 

Users can get the citizend Passport, vote for the projects that they believe should secure a contribution slot, and find high-quality early gems at their earliest stages.

From its Seed Round in January, 2024, citizend successfully raised $1,5M from investors such as Fractal ID, Outlier Ventures, Arbitrum, Subvisual and Unique Network, allocating 5M tokens.

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citizend Overview

Ticker: CTND
Country: British Virgin Islands
Industry: DeFi
Founded: 2024
Whitelist: Yes
Blockchain Network: Ethereum
KYC: Yes
Bounty: Yes
MVP: Yes
Type: IDO
Security Audit: Yes

citizend Review

Citizend is a fundraising platform that brings safety and transparency for users, enabling them to explore new projects, vote for them, and invest at different stages.

Many launchpad platforms play a critical role in driving innovation by helping new projects secure funding. However, the design of many existing platforms lacks transparency, with an incentive model that does not fully benefit users or the projects themselves. Users often need more information about the projects on the list and cannot influence which projects end up on the list. In addition, initial market capitalizations and prices are often manipulated to guarantee profits for platforms and early backers. Presales, which offer early access to major projects, are typically reserved for those with insider connections, relevant information, or assets of strategic value to the projects.

Citizend is designed to solve these issues by creating a platform that prioritizes the interests of web3 projects and their communities. 

The project is built on three fundamental pillars:

Openness: On Citizend platform, any person who can prove they are not a bot (referred to as a "citizend") is allowed to vote for the projects they prefer for a contribution slot on the platform. Any web3 project that meets its legal requirements and terms can be listed, relying solely on community support to raise funds.

Community: There are no second-class citizends in Citizend ecosystem. Everyone who supports a successful project contributes on equal terms, regardless of their background or the size of their holdings, promoting true equality of opportunity. When a project gets a spot in the pack, its funding is split equally between the People’s pool and the Staker’s pool. The maximum amount that each person can contribute to the People’s pool is set the same for everyone, based on the number of participants who voted for a particular project. Meanwhile, access to the Staker’s pool is reserved for citizens who demonstrate additional commitment to the platform by staking their tokens.

Transparency: The projects transparently disclose their details and information about Token Generation Events (TGEs), so nothing is hidden. Every citizend has the opportunity to conduct reliable research and share their findings with the community.

It is required to pass through KYB procedure for listing a project on citizend. All users also have to pass KYC, based on the project’s requirement.

Fractal ID is the default identity verification provider for citizend and will issue credentials to users that can be managed in an autonomous, privacy-preserving manner thanks to idOS, the web3 cross-chain decentralized identity layer.

To unlock the whole citizend ecosystem, users need to create a citizend Passport.

The project has its native $CTND token with three main utilities:

  1. Access to guaranteed allocations for all winning projects in the Stakers’ Half projects by placing $CTND tokens on the platform;
  2. Participation in future platform management and progressive decentralization;
  3. Providing liquidity for projects launching tokens in citizend.

Citizend has successfully raised $1,5M from its seed round with the help of backers, including Fractal ID, Outlier Ventures, Arbitrum, Subvisual and Unique Network. There were allocated 5M tokens.

The platform plans to raise $1M from its community sale, which will be conducted on May 17th, 2024, allocating 2,5M $CTND tokens. The registration will be open from 10 May to 16 May.  

✅ Citizend's pros:

  • Low Initial Circulation Supply/FDV Rate (10%);
  • Great website usability;
  • Clear tokenomics and vesting schedule;
  • Good SMM performance;
  • Great engagement in social media;
  • Performed a security audit.

📛 Citizend's cons: 

  • Slightly above-the-average Monthly Token Inflation Rate (2,73%); 
  • Team is anonymous;
  • Moderate PR performance;
  • No top-tier funds as investors;
  • Moderate growth marketing performance;
  • Weak Influencer Marketing performance;
  • No active bug bounty program.

citizend Token Economy

Total Raise: $3,000,000
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Private/Pre-sale: 7,500,000 (7.5%)
Public Sale: 20,000,000 (20%)
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): $60,000,000
Initial Circulation Supply: $6,000,000 (10% of FDV)

citizend Token Sale (ICO & IDO) Rounds

Seed: 01 Jan - 01 Jan

Price: $0.3
Tokens for sale: 5,000,000
Raise: $1,500,000
Lock-Up: 3 month lock-up, 36 month linear vesting
Influencers: 01 Apr - 08 Apr

Price: $0.2
Tokens for sale: 2,500,000
Raise: $500,000
Lock-Up: 15% at TGE, 1 month cliff and then 6 month of linear unlocks
Community: 10 May - 25 May

Price: $0.4
Tokens for sale: 2,500,000
Raise: $1,000,000
Lock-Up: 20% TGE - 6 month linear vesting

citizend Token Release Schedule

citizend Token Release Schedule

citizend Funds and Backers

Fractal ID
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citizend Marketing Activity

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media & Community Management
PR & Traffic
Marketing Infrastructure
Influencer Marketing
Growth Marketing
Last Update:  10 May 2024 Upgrade

citizend News

citizend Roadmap

May 2024

CTND community Sale

June-July 2024

First project community sales + CTND public sale

Q3 2024

Full platform launch

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