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Flappy Base (FLAPPY)

Active Pre-Sales
Total Raise: $85,000
Date: 01 Apr - 30 Jun

Flappy Base is a meme project that combines the simplicity and fun of Flappy Bird with an innovative play-and-earn concept. Simply tap the screen to guide your character through obstacles. Each successful run earns you a reward in Ethereum.

Flappy Base plans to raise $85K from 5 investment rounds on the Crypto Hub Launchpad. The project has successfully raised $11K from the first two stages. From May 1st to 15th, 2024, the 3rd round is underway.

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Flappy Base Overview

Ticker: FLAPPY
Country: Portugal
Industry: Meme
Founded: 2024
Whitelist: No
Blockchain Network: Base
Bounty: No
Type: IDO
Security Audit: No

Flappy Base Review

Flappy Base is a super funny meme project. It is going to launch a game that combines the simplicity and addictiveness of Flappy Bird with the innovative concept of play-to-earn. Players control a character, navigating through obstacles by tapping the screen to keep the character afloat. Each successful navigation earns the player Ethereum rewards, creating a direct correlation between gaming achievements and tangible rewards.

Game Rules:

  • You can’t skip an ETH Coin (They move sometimes);
  • You can’t hit the floor or roof;
  • You can’t hit enemies;
  • If you don't finish the run you won’t keep the ETH collected;
  • If you die during a run you lose one life;
  • If you lose all 3 life’s you need to start a new run;
  • Users need to post in Twitter to get the ETH collected in the run;
  • If If a userser collects a $ETH Coin in a certain angle or skill, he gets a multiplier for the next Coin, if he gets another the second the same way it gets triple, and so on;
  • Each $ETH Coin Collected in the game represents 0.0000001 $ETH.

Sometimes during the game you will be able to collect temporary bonuses, for example:

  • Invincible 🛡️
  • Magnet 🧲

Flappy Base has its native token $FLAPPY that can be purchased at token sale powered by Crypto Hub Launchpad. There are 5 stages, where the project plans to raise $85K. In April, 2024, Flappy Base successfully raised $11K from the first 2 rounds.

On the date, the 3rd stage of Flappy Base token sale is live.


Flappy Base pros:

  • Low FDV (200k)
  • Very Low Initial Market Cap ($48k);
  • High probability of the market cap multiplication; 
  • Huge engagement rate on Twitter;
  • Good Influencer Marketing Performance for such a small project. 

Flappy Base cons:

  • High Token Monthly Inflation Rate (7.08%);
  • High Initial MC/FDV Rate (56.47%);
  • Team is anonymous;
  • Has no Security Audits;
  • Weak SMM Coverage;
  • PR and Growth Marketing are absent;
  • Poor Search Engine Optimization;
  • No Marketing Infrastructure;
  • Has no reputable backers and partners.

Flappy Base Token Economy

Total Raise: $85,000
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Private/Pre-sale: (0%)
Public Sale: 55,000,000 (55%)
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): $200,000
Initial Circulation Supply: $48,000 (24% of FDV)

Flappy Base Token Sale (ICO & IDO) Rounds

Community: 01 Apr - 14 Apr

Price: $0.001
Tokens for sale: 5,000,000
Raise: $5,000
Lock-Up: 20% TGE and then 20% each month
Launchpad: Crypto Hub logo Crypto Hub
Community: 14 Apr - 30 Apr

Price: $0.0012
Tokens for sale: 5,000,000
Raise: $6,000
Lock-Up: 20% TGE and then 20% each month
Launchpad: Crypto Hub logo Crypto Hub
Community: 01 May - 14 May

Price: $0.0014
Tokens for sale: 10,000,000
Raise: $14,000
Lock-Up: 25% TGE and then 25% each month
Launchpad: Crypto Hub logo Crypto Hub
Community: 14 May - 31 May

Price: $0.0016
Tokens for sale: 15,000,000
Raise: $24,000
Lock-Up: 25% TGE and then 25% each month
Launchpad: Crypto Hub logo Crypto Hub
Community: 01 Jun - 30 Jun

Price: $0.0018
Tokens for sale: 20,000,000
Raise: $36,000
Lock-Up: 50% TGE and then 50% each month
Launchpad: Crypto Hub logo Crypto Hub

Flappy Base Token Release Schedule

flappy base token release

Flappy Base Marketing Activity

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media & Community Management
PR & Traffic
Marketing Infrastructure
Influencer Marketing
Growth Marketing
Last Update:  10 May 2024 Upgrade

Flappy Base Team

Base Chad
Base Chad

Flappy Base News

Flappy Base Roadmap

Q1 2024

Website + Token + Socials

Q2 2024

Sales + Game Dev

Q3 2024

Final Sales + Game Release + Listing

Q4 2024

Marketing + Listings + New Roadmap

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