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Moca Foundation (Mocaverse) (MOCA)

Total Raise: $36,900,000
Date: 10 Sep - 02 May

Moca Foundation is a platform associated with the Animoca Brands Web3 ecosystem. It contains a compatible infrastructure layer of Account, Identity, Reputation, and PointFi systems. For integrating new ways of entertainment and cultural economy within the blockchain ecosystem, Macoverse and Coinlist have recently concluded a strategic partnership.

The project has announced a launch of the $MOCA token, which is designed to power the Moca Foundation’s Web3 Network. $MOCA is built on the LayerZero v2 protocol. Its total supply is 8,888,888,888 tokens. $MOCA is the utility and governance token.

Up to date, Moca Foundation (Mocaverse) has already raised $31,9M from reputable funds including Dapper Labs, OKX Ventures, Foresight Ventures, Kingsway Capital, Liberty City Ventures and GameFi Ventures.

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Moca Foundation (Mocaverse) Overview

Ticker: MOCA
Country: Hong Kong
Founded: 2023
Whitelist: No
Blockchain Network: LayerZero v2
KYC: Yes
Bounty: Yes
MVP: Yes
Type: ICO
Security Audit: No

Moca Foundation (Mocaverse) Review

Moca Foundation is an innovative Web3 project by Mocaverse aimed at building the Moca Network. It’s a part of the Mocaverse ecosystem, a decentralized network designed to align incentives for all participants, facilitating the growth and scalability of the ecosystem. With the influx of more active users, a network effect is generated, benefiting all participants. The project strives to revolutionize social impact and fintech.

Mocaverse is a member of Animoca Brands ecosystem with its NFT collection of 8888 unique Mocas - Mocaverse’s characters.

Moca Foundation’s mission is to create a sustainable future for the world, resolving environmental and social issues by using blockchain technologies and DeFi.

The project uses its native token - $MOCA. This asset helps to deal with operations within the platform and take part in the network governance. $MOCA token powers the Moca Network, which builds a cultural economy around key elements such as education, sports, music, gaming, governance, etc.

$MOCA can be used in different ways: 

  • Payment Currency; 
  • Transaction Fees; 
  • Proof-Of-Loyalty; 
  • Growth Suite;
  • Representation of Culture (gaming, music, sports, etc.); 
  • and Governance Voting.

Moca Foundation and its $MOCA token have received a lot of attention from the crypto community due to its high-quality infrastructure.

Along with Animoca Brands, Moca has a huge number of partners and backers including OKX Ventures, Dapper Labs, Everest Ventures Group, Foresight Ventures, Aethir, CyberConnect, Coin98, etc.

Recently, the Moca Foundation launched $MOCA token sale on Coinlist.


Moca’s Token Sale pros:

  • High-quality landing page;
  • Good SMM on Twitter;
  • Top Tier investors and partners; 
  • Launch on Coinlist; 
  • Below-the-average FDV for infrastructure project ($350mln); 
  • Low Initial Circulation Supply ($44.83M); 
  • Low monthly token inflation rate (1,65%).

Moca’s Token Sale cons:

  • Team is anonymous;
  • No public security audits;
  • No development roadmap; 
  • Moderate PR performance;
  • Below-the-average Influencer Marketing performance;
  • Marketing infrastructure is absent.

Moca Foundation (Mocaverse) Token Economy

Total Raise: $36,900,000
Total Supply: 8,888,888,888
Private/Pre-sale: 1,155,555,555 (13%)
Public Sale: 133,333,333 (1.5%)
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): $350,000,000
Initial Circulation Supply: $448,932,000 (128.27% of FDV)

Moca Foundation (Mocaverse) Token Sale (ICO & IDO) Rounds

ICO: 25 Apr - 02 May

Price: $0.03938
Tokens for sale: 133,333,333
Raise: $5,250,000
Lock-Up: 5% unlock at TGE, 3 months cliff period, 52 weeks linear ...
Launchpad: CoinList
Private: 10 Sep - 10 Sep

Price: N/A
Tokens for sale: N/A
Raise: $20,000,000
Lock-Up: 12 months cliff, 18 months vesting
Private: 08 Dec - 08 Dec

Price: N/A
Tokens for sale: N/A
Raise: $11,888,888
Lock-Up: 12 months cliff, 18 months vesting

Moca Foundation (Mocaverse) Token Release Schedule

moca token distribution

Moca Foundation (Mocaverse) Funds and Backers

OKX Ventures logo
OKX Ventures
9 numbers of
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4 numbers of
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3 numbers of
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Moca Foundation (Mocaverse) Marketing Activity

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media & Community Management
PR & Traffic
Marketing Infrastructure
Influencer Marketing
Growth Marketing
Last Update:  29 Apr 2024 Upgrade

Moca Foundation (Mocaverse) Team

Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden
Head of Projects

Moca Foundation (Mocaverse) News

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