CoinList’s Record-Breaking Token Launches in H1 2024

June 19, 2024 2 min
Daniel Bennett Twitter
Daniel Bennett
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The first half of 2024 has marked the busiest and most successful period in CoinList's history, with significant shifts in the token launch landscape. Moving from high FDV airdrops to sales through fixed, node, auctions, and community rounds, CoinList has committed to providing its community with terms that match or surpass those offered in private markets.

In H1 2024, CoinList managed 12 oversubscribed token launches, raising a total of $95 million. These projects included Subsquid, zkLink, Nibiru, Meson Network, Masa, Bondex, Mystiko, TeleportDAO, Moca, Peaq, NATIX, and Tap Protocol. The diversity of participants was notable, with over 100,000 high-quality token holders from 160 different countries, enhancing network decentralization.

CoinList's approach contrasts with many failed airdrops that launched at higher valuations than their private rounds, which often resulted in destructive sell pressure. Instead, CoinList ensures that its community receives terms comparable to those in the most recent private rounds. The first five launches of 2024 were sold to retail at an average premium of just 1.04x compared to VC rounds, with no cliffs and shorter vesting periods.

Product improvements at CoinList have also streamlined the token launch process. The elimination of prefunding and queues has simplified participation, allowing users to lock up their desired purchase amounts at any time during a seven-day period. Additionally, new launch formats like auctions give the community the power to set token prices in real time.

CoinList has also taken significant steps to combat fraudulent activity, removing 2.4 million bots and fraudulent accounts. By using both on-chain and off-chain data, CoinList ensures that only the highest-quality participants are involved in its token launches.

As CoinList looks ahead to the second half of 2024, it remains committed to reshaping the token launch narrative. For those interested in launching tokens with CoinList, the opportunity to collaborate and innovate is open.

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