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IDO Round on Poolz Finance

Past 05 Oct - 05 Apr Poolz Finance

The hyped AI chatbot, which has been purpose-built for crypto and blockchain-related queries only, ChainGPT has made an impressive debut with the first public round hosted on Poolz Finance, a decentralized IDO launchpad. Thanks to collaborative efforts between the launchpad and ChainGPT teams, the project has successfully secured $120k in funding within just one day of the public token sale. 

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
High 18 Oct 2023

ChainGPT - IDO Round on Poolz Finance Overview

start date: 05 Oct
end date: 05 Apr
price: $0.008
tokens for sale: 15,000,000
Raise: $120,000
Min. Buy: N/A
Max. Buy: N/A

15% unlock at the listing, 2 months cliff, linear for 8 months

Launchpad Poolz Finance logoPoolz Finance
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How to join  ChainGPT - IDO Round on Poolz Finance?

For more information on IDOs, please refer to the Poolz Finance guide: Step-by-Step Guide on Poolz IDO.

Step-by-step Guide

  • Purchase and hold $POOLX

  • Go to and connect your crypto wallet to the platform.

  • Lock your $POOLX

  • Complete whitelist requirements

  • Win allocation

  • Claim tokens

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