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Private A Round

Past 01 Feb - 01 Feb 2023

As a foundation part of ChainGPT’s fundraising journey, the project conducted its first private token sale. During this round, a substantial 114 million $CGPT tokens were sold, resulting in an impressive fundraising total of $570k. The strong support from both funds and angel investors has marked a powerful start for an AI-focused model with ambitious goals of reshaping blockchain and crypto landscape. 

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Very High 13 Oct 2023

ChainGPT - Private A Round  Overview

start date: 01 Feb 2023
end date: 01 Feb 2023
price: $0.005
tokens for sale: 114,000,000
Raise: $570,000
Min. Buy: N/A
Max. Buy: N/A

3,5% unlock at TGE, 3 months cliff, 18 months vesting

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ChainGPT - Private A Round Funds and Backers

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