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Private Round #6

Past 01 Aug - 31 Aug 2021

The Partisia Blockchain’s Private round started on 01 August, 2021, and was running until the end of August, 2021. A total of 44,500,000 MPC tokens were allocated for the private round. 

Partisia Blockchain enhances privacy and confidentiality while upholding decentralization through the implementation of Zero-Knowledge (ZK) computations across various blockchain environments, both on-chain and off-chain.

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Medium 07 Feb 2024

Partisia Blockchain - Private Round #6  Overview

start date: 01 Aug 2021
end date: 31 Aug 2021
price: $0.2
tokens for sale: 44,500,000
Raise: $8,900,000
Min. Buy: N/A
Max. Buy: N/A

180 day cliff, 4 year quarterly vesting

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