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GIC is a global investment powerhouse, managing Singapore's foreign reserves with a focus on long-term, sustainable growth. Established in 1981, it boasts a diverse portfolio across over 40 countries, emphasizing risk management and sustainability. With 2,100 employees in 11 offices worldwide, GIC combines global reach with deep market insights, contributing significantly to financial thought leadership. Their commitment to diversity and long-term market trends positions them as a key player in global finance, dedicated to securing Singapore's financial future.

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GIC - About

GIC, established in 1981, is a global long-term investor managing Singapore's foreign reserves. With a guiding purpose of securing Singapore’s financial future, GIC operates with a mandate to preserve and enhance Singapore's international purchasing power over the long term. The firm has a significant global presence, with 2,100 employees across 11 global offices and a history spanning 42 years.

GIC's investment strategy is focused on long-term, sustainable growth. They are invested in more than 40 countries worldwide, reflecting a diverse and expansive portfolio. The firm's approach to investment is underpinned by rigorous risk management and a commitment to sustainability, ensuring that their strategies are aligned with long-term market trends and opportunities.

In addition to their investment activities, GIC is actively involved in thought leadership in the financial sector. They regularly publish insights on market developments and investment trends, contributing to the broader discourse on global finance and investment strategies. This includes papers and articles on topics like climate scenario analysis for investors, private debt allocation in institutional portfolios, and long-term investing strategies in various global markets.

GIC's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is also a key aspect of their operations, as evidenced by their dedicated initiatives in these areas. Their leadership team is united in the pursuit of investing for Singapore’s future, working seamlessly across their global network to manage the nation's reserves effectively.

In summary, GIC is more than just an investment firm; it is a cornerstone of Singapore's financial stability, with a deep commitment to long-term, sustainable, and responsible investing on a global scale.

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