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Inception Capital, formerly OP Crypto, is a Web3 venture capital firm focusing on early-stage investments. It bridges Western and Eastern markets, particularly leveraging the APAC region's dominance in global crypto volume. The firm offers strategic guidance, brand development, and expert advisory support, helping startups penetrate new markets. With a diverse portfolio in DeFi, gaming, AI, and NFTs, Inception Capital empowers founders with resources and international networking to scale their innovative ideas globally.

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Inception Capital (OP Crypto) - About

Inception Capital, formerly known as OP Crypto, is an early-stage venture capital firm specializing in the Web3 sector. It aims to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern markets, providing unique opportunities for startups to penetrate the APAC region, which controls 80% of the global crypto volume.

The firm supports founders with extensive resources, including a comprehensive go-to-market playbook, expert advisors, and strategic market entry guidance. Inception Capital emphasizes brand development, distribution, and leveraging its international network to connect talent with capital, ensuring that innovative ideas receive the support needed to thrive on a global scale.

Inception Capital's team includes industry experts like David Gan (Founder & General Partner), Lucas He (Partner & Head of Research), and Calvin Du (Head of Platform), among others. Since its inception in 2021, the firm has built a diverse portfolio across sectors like DeFi, gaming, AI, and NFTs, with notable investments in companies such as Celestia, Scroll Tech, Avalanche, and Merit Circle.

The firm prides itself on its cross-border commitment and dedication to empowering founders through knowledge and strategic introductions. This approach is reinforced by positive testimonials from co-founders of supported startups, highlighting the firm's hands-on support and valuable network.

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