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dao5 is an innovative cryptocurrency investment fund transitioning into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). It focuses on empowering portfolio founders to co-manage a strategic asset treasury, governed by dao5 tokenholders. The fund emphasizes five core values: incentive alignment through token grants to founders, meritocracy in rewarding successful investment proposals, privacy by working with pseudonymous advisors and founders, selective governance through Dunbar’s number principle, and simplicity and decentralization as per Occam’s Razor. dao5's approach is set to evolve continuously to adapt to the needs of the decentralized economy, highlighting its commitment to collaborative and adaptive governance in the crypto space.

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N/A 12 Dec 2023

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Type: DAO
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Last Investment: 05 Dec
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dao5 - About

dao5 is an experimental cryptocurrency investment fund that is transitioning into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Upon this conversion, dao5 tokens will be minted and distributed to the fund's investment team, advisory board, and portfolio company founders. A portion of the general partner’s assets will be moved to an on-chain treasury, owned and governed by dao5 tokenholders.

The primary objective of dao5 is to empower portfolio founders to co-manage a treasury of strategic assets, with future decisions determined entirely by dao5 tokenholder governance. As a DAO, dao5 will not have a pre-defined mandate but will continuously evolve to meet the needs of the decentralized economy.

dao5 upholds five core values:

  1. Incentive Alignment: Portfolio founders will receive dao5 tokens, fostering a collaborative community through economic cross-pollination.
  2. Meritocracy: Contributors submitting successful investment proposals will be rewarded in proportion to their economic contribution.
  3. Privacy: dao5 values individual and financial privacy, working with pseudonymous advisors and investing in projects led by pseudonymous founders, while avoiding surveillance technologies.
  4. Dunbar’s Number: Unlike some DAOs that aim for a large membership, dao5’s governance will be tightly held by a select, aligned group.
  5. Occam’s Razor: Emphasizing simplicity and decentralization, as quoted by George Hotz.

dao5's approach represents a blend of strategic asset management, privacy, meritocracy, and a focus on simplicity and decentralization in the evolving world of DAOs and cryptocurrency.

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Project Score Date Price Status Industry
Bitquery logoBitquery
27 Aug Past
Eigenlayer logoEigenLayer
05 Dec Active
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