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Jets.Capital is a crypto investment fund specializing in supporting early-stage crypto and Web3 startups. Led by Founder and CEO Sergei Khitrov, the fund aims to integrate modern technologies into daily life, enhancing global progress. They offer a comprehensive ecosystem for startup growth, covering advertising, legal, promotion, and market entry strategies. Their portfolio showcases a diverse range of innovative projects in the crypto and Web3 space. Key ecosystem companies include Listing.Help, a major listing agency, and the Blockchain Life forum, facilitating crucial industry networking. Jets.Capital's approach combines financial backing with strategic services, fostering the development of the crypto and Web3 sectors.

Attention! The fund's team consists of individuals originally from Russia.

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Jets.Capital is a crypto investment fund that plays a significant role in supporting crypto and Web3 startups, particularly during their initial stages. The fund's mission is to facilitate the smooth integration of modern technologies into everyday life, aiming to change the world for the better. They provide a comprehensive ecosystem for startups to grow, encompassing a wide range of support services including advertising, legal assistance, promotion, listings, and go-to-market expertise.

The team at Jets.Capital is led by Founder and CEO Sergei Khitrov, along with key members such as Chief Investment Officer and Senior Analyst Darina Kharitonenko, and Chief Operating Officer Danil Guydamakin. The team also includes several analysts and a Business Development Manager, Svetlana Guydamakina, indicating a strong focus on research and strategic growth.

Jets.Capital's portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, reflecting the fund's commitment to investing in innovative and promising startups in the crypto and Web3 space. However, it's important to note that the investments and portfolio companies mentioned are not representative of all their activities, and past investments do not guarantee future results.

One of their notable ecosystem companies is Listing.Help, one of the largest listing agencies in the world. Listing.Help assists clients with market entry strategies, leveraging its access to top management of multiple exchanges and launchpads. Another key part of their ecosystem is the Blockchain Life forum, which offers valuable offline networking opportunities with key figures in the cryptosphere.

In summary, Jets.Capital is more than just an investment fund; it's a holistic ecosystem provider for crypto and Web3 startups. Their approach combines financial support with a wide array of services and networking opportunities, positioning them as a key player in the advancement and growth of the crypto and Web3 sectors.

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Sergei Khitrov
Sergei Khitrov
Founder & CEO

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