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First Activity:
31 May 2009

Cripto Villa is a popular Portuguese-language crypto influencer and content creator. He is dedicated to educating and informing the Portuguese-speaking community about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and the potential of decentralized finance (DeFi).

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PT N/A 09 Feb 2024

Cripto Villa Social Media Influence

Followers Engagement Content Network Scam Promo
8,868 Very Low Medium Very Low N/A
18,300 N/A N/A N/A N/A
10,600 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Members:782 Activity:Very Low Content:Low

Cripto Villa - About

On Twitter, Cripto Villa has amassed a significant following, sharing educational content, news, and analysis related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain in Portuguese. His tweets cover a wide range of topics, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi protocols, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the latest developments in the crypto space.

In addition to his Twitter presence, Cripto Villa creates video content on YouTube, where he hosts a channel dedicated to explaining complex crypto concepts in an accessible manner for Portuguese speakers. His videos delve into technical details, market analysis, and practical guides for navigating the world of digital assets.

Cripto Villa's mission is to bridge the gap between the rapidly evolving crypto industry and the Portuguese-speaking community, empowering individuals with knowledge and resources to participate in this groundbreaking technological shift. Through his social media platforms and content, he aims to demystify cryptocurrencies and promote financial literacy and inclusion within the Portuguese-speaking world.

Cripto Villa - Peformance Overview

Posting Frequency 0.87 / day -10.34%
Engagement Rate
0.40% Very High
Engagement Rate Reach
4.51% Very High
Average Gain per day (30 days): ~ 18.4 Total Number per 30 Days: ~ 551 Followers Gain: ~ 6.62%
Total Views per 30 days: ~ 20,387 Views Gain: ~ 25.37% Views per post: ~ 784
Views Rate:
Very Low
Total Likes per 30 days: ~ 772 Likes per post: ~ 30 Very High Likes Rate:
Very High
Likes Rate Reach: Low Likes Gain: ~ 11.39%
Total Comments per 30 days: ~ 60 Comments per post: ~ 2 High Comments Rate:
Very High
Comments Rate Reach: Very Low Comments Gain: ~ -31.82%
Total Retweets per 30 days: ~ 84 Retweets per post: ~ 3 Very High Retweets Rate:
Very High
Retweets Rate Reach: Very Low Retweets Gain: ~ -46.84%
Total Quotes per 30 days: ~ 4 Quotes per post: ~ 0.2 Low Quotes Rate:
Quotes Rate Reach: Very Low Quotes Gain: ~ 100%
Pros & Cons
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