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Ben Armstrong  Bitboy_CryptoBen Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto)MediumYouTubeENMedium
Altcoin Daily logoAltcoin Daily Very HighYouTubeENHigh
Lark DavisLark DavisMediumYouTubeENMedium
Alex BeckerAlex BeckerN/AYouTubeENN/A
Benjamin Cowen Benjamin Cowen Very HighYouTubeENHigh
Riccardo BossioRiccardo BossioVery LowTwitterENHigh
Gemhunters🚀💎GemHunter💎🚀MediumTelegramENVery High
Manu Terrones GodoyKManuS88N/AYouTubeESN/A
Davinci JeremieDavinci JeremieN/ATwitterENMedium
Sofia ZamoloSofia ZamoloVery LowTwitterENHigh
Crypto banter logoCrypto BanterVery HighYouTubeENMedium
Coin MühendisiCoin MühendisiN/AYouTubeTRN/A
Brad GarlinghouseBrad GarlinghouseMediumTwitterENHigh
Healthy PocketsHealthy PocketsHighYouTubeESHigh
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Find The Best Discord, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter & Telegram Altcoin Groups With CoinLaunch!

In a world where lots of groups promise to give you the best altcoin signals, insights and knowledge, things can get pretty confusing. That’s where CoinLaunch comes in.

CoinLaunch is a premier crypto ranking platform that constantly scours the Internet for groups, channels and accounts centered around the altcoin topic, analyzes and then presents them in a form of a rated list. We've dedicated our time to  researching and evaluating each crypto influencer, considering their audience, engagement rate, association to scam promo and content.

Thanks to our specially developed rating system, we are able to evaluate the potential of every influencer from our list based on 80+ factors, which is extremely helpful for getting a holistic overview of their credibility, as well as for making comparisons. Never miss out on the best altcoin influencers across Telegram, Discord, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter with CoinLaunch!


What is an altcoin Telegram group?

Altcoin Telegram group is a Telegram group chat that unites people interested in cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin. For example, such altcoins as Ethereum, $CRV, $DYDX, $PEPE, $DOGE and so forth. These groups can be created with different purposes, but in general, they give their members an ability to share opinions and insights, as well as discuss news, trends, token sales, analytical reports, profit making strategies and other aspects of altcoin trading and investment. In some of the Altcoin Telegram groups, crypto enthusiasts can find various investment hints and trading signals or just have fun by sharing memes. It is worth noting that not all recommendations and information provided in altcoin groups are reliable and objective. Always do your own research (DYOR)

What are altcoin Telegram groups for?

Telegram groups serve as a space for users to engage in real-time discussions, ask questions, exchange ideas, and stay up-to-date with the most recent news, trends, and advancements within the realm of alternative cryptocurrencies.

Participating in a Telegram group focused on altcoins can be advantageous for several reasons:

  • Educational Insights: Telegram groups act as central hubs where participants can share insights, experiences, and knowledge related to altcoins.
  • Networking: It offers a chance to connect with like-minded individuals, including traders, investors, developers, and other cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  • Market Analysis: In these channels traders can converse about market trends, assess price shifts, trading strategies, and price patterns.
  • Investment Prospects: These groups serve as platforms to explore investment opportunities like token sale participation and share investing experiences with one another.

What are altcoin signals?

Altcoin signals are recommendations, analyses, and forecasts that can be found on the different platforms on the Internet regarding price changes of cryptocurrencies that aren’t Bitcoin. Altcoin signals, as a rule, aim to predict which altcoins can increase in price or play a vital role on the market. These signals can be formed based on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, forum discussions, analytical bots, etc. Altcoin signals can provide useful information, but it is crucial to analyze and validate consumed information – do your own research before making any trading decisions.

What are altcoin pump and dump Discord servers?

Altcoin pump-and-dump Discord servers are essentially groups of scammers who work together to pull off pump-and-dump schemes on low liquid cryptocurrency markets. These people operate right within Discord. In the world of altcoin pump-and-dump schemes, these scammers purchase large amounts of a specific altcoin beforehand to artificially boost its price (pump a token), and then quickly sell off their holdings to newcomers they invite promising them fast profits, causing the value of the coin to plummet (dump). This kind of activity can manipulate the market and even impact other cryptocurrencies. Whether intentional or not, the legitimacy, as well as profit making value, of such groups in the cryptocurrency space is highly questionable.

Top 3 best altcoin Youtube channels

  1. Altcoin Daily: Altcoin Daily is a well-established YouTube channel known for its daily updates and analyses of the cryptocurrency market. The channel offers comprehensive yet informative content, covering a wide range of altcoins, market trends, and crypto news. With a focus on delivering valuable insights to crypto enthusiasts, Altcoin Daily is a go-to source for staying informed in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies.
  2. Altcoin Buzz: Altcoin Buzz is a popular YouTube influencer’s channel that provides in-depth coverage of altcoins and blockchain projects. With a team of passionate analysts, Altcoin Buzz offers detailed project reviews, market analysis, and news updates related to the cryptocurrency space. The channel is known for its dedication to uncovering potential gems in the altcoin market and educating viewers about various aspects of cryptocurrency investing.
  3. Lark DavisLark Davis is a well-respected crypto influencer on YouTube who combines his expertise in the crypto industry with a friendly and approachable style. His channel covers a wide range of crypto-related topics, including project reviews, market analysis, and investment strategies. 

What are the best altcoin Twitter accounts?

  1. Altcoin Gordon: Altcoin Gordon's Twitter is your go-to source for all things related to altcoins. With a track record as an investor since 2017, he shares valuable insights and tips for spotting profitable altcoins and making smart investments. Additionally, his page provides quick access to Crypto Crib (formerly Altcoin Hub), a dynamic cryptocurrency news outlet, making it an ideal choice for on-the-go crypto updates.
  2. Altcoin Psycho: Altcoin Psycho, an experienced crypto trader since 2013, has mastered profitable trading strategies using advanced automated technology in the cryptocurrency space. With a deep passion for digital currencies from their inception, he's become a prominent figure on Twitter, sharing insights and knowledge gained over the years. He also serves as an advisor at Sino Global Capital, facilitating portfolio companies' entry into the Asian blockchain market.
  3. Crypto Insights: Crypto Insights is your gateway to exploring a diverse range of altcoins, even mem coins, such as Doge and Shiba. This Twitter account offers valuable updates and insights on various altcoins, ensuring you stay well-informed about the ever-evolving crypto landscape. With a high-frequency posting schedule and a wide spectrum of coverage, Crypto Insights is a recommended source to broaden the altcoin knowledge and keep up with the latest developments.