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25 June 2023

"Crypto Whale Pumps" is a popular Telegram channel with 23.4K subscribers, focusing on cryptocurrency insights and updates. The channel offers timely crypto announcements, personal trading actions, and invaluable risk management tips for beginners. Regular interactions with the community and warnings against potential scams further enhance its credibility. Subscribers are, however, advised to conduct their own research before making investment decisions.

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Crypto Whale Pumps - About

"Crypto Whale Pumps" is a Telegram channel dedicated to the world of cryptocurrency. With a subscriber count of 23.4K, the channel offers insights, updates, and tips related to various cryptocurrencies and their market movements.

Content Analysis:

  • Crypto Announcements and Updates:
    - The channel frequently posts about new crypto presales, such as the $SONIK presale, emphasizing its potential and the reasons it stands out.
    - Updates on specific cryptocurrencies, like the launch of a new token or its imminent trading start, are also shared.
  • Trading Insights and Actions:
    - The admin shares their personal trading actions, such as entering a position, selling a portion of their holdings, or observing a particular token. For instance, they mentioned selling 90% of a position and leaving a small amount running.
    - They also provide links to tools like and, which offer insights into specific crypto pairs.
  • Risk Management and Trading Tips:
    - The channel offers valuable advice for beginner traders, such as limiting risk to 2-3% of the total portfolio for a single trade, avoiding overnight trades, and the importance of using a stop loss.
    - They emphasize the importance of doing one's own research and not following anyone blindly.
  • Community Interaction and Warnings:
    - The admin interacts with the community, sharing morning greetings and updates. They also caution subscribers about potential scammers and reiterate that they operate the channel individually.

Conclusion: "Crypto Whale Pumps" offers a mix of crypto updates, trading insights, and risk management tips. While the channel provides valuable information, as with all investment advice, it's crucial for subscribers to conduct their own research and not rely solely on the channel's recommendations.

Crypto Whale Pumps - Peformance Overview

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Activity Post Coverage: ~ 2,444 Post per Day: ~ 4 ERR
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Reposts Total Amount per 30 Days: ~ 0 Average Gain per 30 days: ~ 0
Mentioned on other channels Total Amount per 30 Days: ~ 5 Average Gain per 30 days: ~ 2
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