New Crypto Pump and Dump Groups


Influencer Score Top Channel Language Engagement Total Followers
Wall Street Queen logoWallstreet Queen Official Medium Telegram EN Low
crypto signals logoCrypto Signals Medium Telegram EN Very Low
Binance Pump Tracker logo𝗕𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝗣𝘂𝗺𝗽 𝗧𝗿𝗮𝗰𝗸𝗲𝗿™ Very Low Telegram EN High
Crypto Whale PumpsCrypto Whale Pumps Low Telegram EN Medium
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What are the pros and cons of pump and dump crypto groups?

It is complex to find advantages in crypto pumping and dumping as it is mostly fraudulent activity, which destabilizes the crypto market and harms investors. But some investors highlight such benefits of crypto pumping and dumping, as quick outcomes, speculative opportunities, and exclusive information. 

We have to emphasize that the risks and negative consequences outweigh all the possible pros of participating in such activities. These groups are used for fraud and scams and bring the next cons for one of the sides: financial losses, problems with the law, risk of fraud, obscurity, etc.

Free or paid Telegram crypto pump group: what to choose?

Crypto pump and dump groups and channels come in two types:

- Free. The most in-demand and available to all comers. Designed for market participants who want to generate income quickly without significant investments. Such groups often have a large audience, but due to the lack of insider information, they rarely bring results. As a rule, organizers of such pump groups use members as an ‘additional object’ for their fraudulent manipulations.

- Paid. Paid channels in Telegram look more promising because insider information comes to them earlier. This increases the chances of earning money. Depending on the conditions, payment can be one-time, monthly, or other types. But, you should understand that payments don’t guarantee trustworthiness or positive results. Organizers can charge fees and exploit you for fraud anyway.

What is a crypto pump group?

The crypto pump group is a community of people who coordinate their actions on the crypto market in order to quickly raise prices of particular cryptocurrencies. The main goal of such groups is to create fake demand for the specific cryptocurrency or token to incentivize other investors to buy them or invest money into them. Usually, the pumping process includes the following steps: planning, coordination, cryptocurrency buying, price increase, organizers’ exit, price reduction, and then the rest investors bear losses. 

This practice can lead to significant financial losses for a bulk of participants. As a rule, pump schemes are carried out on low liquid markets of unpopular tokens, as stable and widespread cryptocurrencies use the services of market makers, who easily prevent such actions and help tokens confidently keep afloat.

How to find crypto pump groups?

In general, there are a few proven methods of how to discover crypto pump groups:

  • You can easily find and evaluate crypto pump groups by using a crypto aggregator, - CoinLaunch. The platform generally provides a brief description of each influencer, including important numbers and stats. Along with that, the platform provides rankings of all the influencers and their channels.
  • Attend crypto events and meet-ups related to crypto trading. By doing this, you may meet crypto influencers and discover different types of crypto groups, including pump groups.
  • Follow reliable crypto influencers. They constantly share valuable insights with their followers and often tell about their colleagues.
  • Use Google search. You can easily find crypto pump groups by typing relevant keywords on a search bar.