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Find the Best Instagram Traders, Investors, and Enthusiasts on CoinLaunch!

In a world where each investment project and every trusted investor seems to be shadowed by the risk of scam, finding a trusted and reliable influencer, as well as a platform entirely committed to professional analysis and authentic reviews of them, is priceless. 

The CoinLaunch team got together to curate something truly exceptional – a comprehensive platform dedicated to Instagram crypto influencers. Here we constantly scour the Internet to discover and deeply analyze influencers and key opinion leaders operating in the cryptocurrency industry. Be it a list of female bitcoin miners on Instagram or top female crypto traders on Instagram, we are here to provide an accurate and professional data dashboard and overview for you. To add an element of unbiased assessment to all of our evaluations, we come up with a special rating system, CoinLaunch Score, that incorporates 80+ variables used to define the trustworthiness and potential of a certain influential persona.

Check out CoinLaunch – a single online space, where you can discover the best Instagram crypto influencers you've been eager to engage and connect with!


Who are Instagram crypto influencers?

A person or a group of people that post content related to cryptocurrency and blockchain on Instagram are considered crypto influencers. Most of the time crypto influencers are experts in their fields and can share their knowledge, insights and experience with a community of like-minded individuals. A cryptocurrency influencer helps its audience stay in the loop with the latest news and trends in the world of blockchain, NFT, DeFi or cryptocurrency. Here are the main types of crypto influencers:

  • A trader or analyst – an individual who creates content related to market analysis on or price prediction for various digital assets. 
  • A cryptocurrency expert – an individual who provides educational content related to  blockchain technology, infrastructure and other topics somehow tied to cryptocurrencies. 
  • An investor – an individual who discusses investing opportunities and money management strategies that can be applied in the world of crypto. 
  • A developer, entrepreneur or a project team member - an individual who presents to the audience his/her new project, findings and elaborations in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Usually, influencers of this type are associated with some companies, networks, token projects or investment funds.

What topics are discussed by bitcoin traders on Instagram?

It is not a secret that the crypto trading world is unpredictable and ever-changing – the topics are super debatable and are always shifting. However, within this dynamic landscape, some discussions are fundamental and occur on a daily basis:

  • Fundamental price analysis: Discussion of news and factors that have an impact on an asset’s price; talks about current price movements, and price patterns.
  • Trading strategies: Discussion of various trading approaches of day trading, swing trading, long-term investment and more.
  • Technical indicators: Discussion revolving around technical indicators such as RSI, MACD, Moving Averages and trading strategies utilizing these indicators.
  • Risk management: Discussions that encompass risk management tips in trading and investing, as well as money management strategies.

How to find trustworthy crypto traders on Instagram?

With so many new influencers popping up every day, it can be a difficult task to identify the most trustworthy, reliable and ambitious ones. That's where CoinLaunch comes in handy.

Here are a few tips on how you can leverage CoinLaunch to filter out influencers you can trust: 

  • Use our “Instagram influencers” page to find all trustworthy KOLs that are worth your attention.
  • Take a close look at each influencer’s CoinLaunch Score. This rating system is based on multiple factors (>80!) and can help you quickly assess a trader’s potential.
  • Read reviews and analysis of each influencer on CoinLaunch. Our team of experts provide in-depth analysis of each trader, helping you understand its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Keep an eye on the CoinLaunch blog and social media channels. We regularly publish news and updates, providing you with valuable insights into the blockchain space.

Top female IG crypto influencers

Not only men are actively involved in crypto adoption. Here is TOP 5 Instagram female influencers that focus on promoting blockchain and cryptocurrency to the public:

  • CryptoWendyO. She hosts educational webinars and sessions and, in addition, creates analytical videos and publishes interviews with industry experts.
  • Girl Gone Crypto. Lea Thompson creates interesting and clear content highlighting different crypto topics.
  • Natalie Brunell. Crypto expert who shares crypto news and market analysis. Besides that, she is a journalist, podcaster (hosts her own podcast show, CoinStories), and Bitcoin educator.
  • Tavonia Evans. She's not just an American author and businesswoman, but also a true expert in the world of cryptocurrency. She is also the founder and creator of the cryptocurrency Guapcoin. Tavonia utilizes her social media influence as a tool that could stimulate crypto adoption and financial freedom within the Black community. 
  • Meltem Demirors. She is an investor, co-founder of CoinShares, Europe's largest digital asset investment firm, and crypto enthusiast.