New Crypto Analysts


Influencer Score Top Channel Language Engagement Total Followers
kevinolearytvKevin O'Leary aka Mr. Wonderful N/A TikTok EN N/A
Coin BureauCoin Bureau N/A YouTube EN N/A
Gary VaynerchukGary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee) Very Low Twitter EN Medium
Ben Armstrong  Bitboy_CryptoBen Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto) Medium YouTube EN Medium
Altcoin Daily logoAltcoin Daily Very High YouTube EN High
Lark DavisLark Davis Medium YouTube EN Medium
MMCryptoMMCrypto N/A Twitter EN High
PlanBPlanB Low Twitter EN High
Paul GrahamPaul Graham High Twitter EN Very High
APomplianoAnthony "Pomp" Pompliano High Twitter EN High
Benjamin Cowen Benjamin Cowen Very High YouTube EN High
Brian jungBrian Jung High YouTube EN Medium
Charles HoskinsonCharles Hoskinson N/A Twitter EN High
Marc AndreessenMarc Andreessen Medium Twitter EN Very High
Willy WooWilly Woo Low Twitter EN High
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All Crypto Analysts Professionally Reviewed and Rated by CoinLaunch!

Creating a comprehensive database of crypto and blockchain analysts, all thoroughly analyzed and reviewed by industry experts, was nothing short of a dream – until we made it a reality.

CoinLaunch finds, analyzes and rates all cryptocurrency analysts to provide aspiring investors and entrepreneurs with an exceptional list of professionally analyzed influencers, where each KOL profile contains in-depth analysis and unbiased evaluation. Each influencer from our database is evaluated based on 80+ variables, such as online presence, audience, connection to any scam crypto promotions, supported projects, associated funds and so forth. Keep track of the best crypto analysts and evaluate their trustworthiness here, on CoinLaunch!

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What are the pros of following a cryptocurrency analyst?

  • Following crypto analysts on social media may bring a few benefits:
    Trend orientation. Crypto analysts explore trends, news, and events that can impact the crypto market. It can help you to understand which cryptocurrencies will be favorable for specific financial operations in the future.
  • Risk reduction. Crypto analysts can warn you about potential risks and pitfalls on the market that can help you to avoid financial losses.
  • Time saving. You can save time on making your own research by relying on experienced crypto analysts.
  • Simplifying decision-making. If you are a newbie in the crypto world or it is complex for you to understand market analytics, following crypto analysts will help you make informed decisions.

How do we rank the best crypto analyst accounts?

To rate new and top crypto analysts, we use the CoinLaunch Score – our special rating system that consists of >80 variables related to the audience quality, engagement rate, content value, posting frequency, and other important data. By incorporating a mathematical formula into the analysis of statistical data and official information on each crypto analyst, we provide the most unbiased and holistic assessment of both well-established and new crypto analysts.  

Who is a crypto investment analyst?

A crypto analyst is a specialist who analyzes the crypto market and conducts research on different crypto market aspects. It may include analytics of price dynamics, news, and fundamental events that can impact the crypto market. The main goal of crypto analysts is to determine which factors can impact cryptocurrency exchange rates and possible directions of price movements. Crypto analysts use different instruments and analytic methods, including technical analysis, fundamental analysis, analysis of competitor environments, and so on.

How to find the best crypto analyst to follow?

  • Attend crypto conferences and meetings to connect with business leaders and crypto analysts that are actively involved in the blockchain space. 
  • Join groups and communities on social media and visit forums to connect with people with similar interests and find trustworthy crypto analysts. 
  • Search for crypto analysts in Google, as they most likely have their own websites or blogs, where they share the results of their research, unique insights and offer paid consulting services.
  • Find crypto analysts by using CoinLaunch. The most proven and efficient method is to find a platform that specializes in gathering, analyzing, and aggregating various crypto analysts while providing you with their stats and reviews.