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First Activity:
31 May 2007

Marc Andreessen, a luminary in the technology sector and co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, has been a Twitter user since May 2007. With a following of over 1.3 million, his profile showcases a concise yet impactful presence, with close to 5,000 tweets. 

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Marc Andreessen Social Media Influence

Followers Engagement Content Network Scam Promo
1,298,285Very HighMediumVery HighNo

Marc Andreessen - About

  • Technology Insights: Shares perspectives on technological advancements and their implications for the future.
  • Economic Commentary: Offers thoughts on economic trends, potentially providing a macro view of the tech industry's impact on the economy.
  • Philosophical Musings: Engages in discussions that may reflect on the societal and philosophical aspects of technology.
  • Policy and Regulation: Occasionally touches on topics related to policy and the legal landscape of the tech world.

Marc Andreessen stands out as a thought leader in the tech community, offering a blend of insightful commentary on technology, economics, and policy. His tweets provide a window into the mind of a key figure who has been shaping the internet and technology landscape for decades.

Marc Andreessen - Peformance Overview

Posting Frequency 0.13 / day 33.33%
Engagement Rate
0.36% Very High
Engagement Rate Reach
0.31% Very Low
Average Gain per day (30 days): ~ 430 Total Number per 30 Days: ~ 12,892 Followers Gain: ~ 1%
Total Views per 30 days: ~ 6,072,433 Views Gain: ~ 405.63% Views per post: ~ 1,518,108
Very High
Views Rate:
Very High
Total Likes per 30 days: ~ 13,219 Likes per post: ~ 3,305 Very High Likes Rate:
Very High
Likes Rate Reach: Very Low Likes Gain: ~ 138.27%
Total Comments per 30 days: ~ 1,138 Comments per post: ~ 285 Medium Comments Rate:
Comments Rate Reach: Very Low Comments Gain: ~ 210.93%
Total Retweets per 30 days: ~ 3,096 Retweets per post: ~ 774 Very High Retweets Rate:
Very High
Retweets Rate Reach: Very Low Retweets Gain: ~ 755.25%
Total Quotes per 30 days: ~ 1,316 Quotes per post: ~ 329 Very High Quotes Rate:
Very High
Quotes Rate Reach: Very High Quotes Gain: ~ 1,702.74%
Pros & Cons
No Data

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