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Carl From the Moon (Carl Runefelt)

First Activity:
01 December 2017

Carl the Moon is a leading YouTube creator with 586K subscribers, focusing solely on Bitcoin news and the market of token sales. The Moon Carl, the channel's host, educates its followers on general cryptocurrency analysis, updates on daily BTC & crypto news, and breaks down BTC technical analysis in a way that is newbie and beginner-friendly. With the confidence that cryptocurrencies, but most importantly Bitcoin, are the driving forces behind financial innovation and inclusivity, Moon Carl shares his experience with Bitcoin and the revolution it represents, leaving the decision to buy or not to buy digital assets to the audience. A passionate YouTuber holds a deep conviction in the future supremacy of cryptocurrencies and has personally backed nearly 400 blockchain-based startups.  

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Carl From the Moon (Carl Runefelt) - About

Who is Carl Runefelt? The person standing behind Carl the Moon is Carl Runefelt, an accomplished serial entrepreneur deeply engaged in Web3 startups. With a significant social media following exceeding 4 (!) million across YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, he possesses the influence to drive widespread adoption of blockchain and shift sentiment toward specific projects. At present, Runefelt is in partnership with several established cryptocurrency exchanges, including ByBit, Phemex, and PrimeXBT.

Moon Carl’s success in social media and rising popularity within the crypto community has enabled him to establish strong connections with a range of famous cryptocurrency influencers and experts, such as Crypto Zombie, BitBoy Crypto, and Crypto Lark.

Carl the Moon YouTube channel provides daily analysis and insights into the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. With a subscriber count of 586K, the channel offers reliable and up-to-date information for individuals at different levels of involvement in the crypto realm. In addition to his YouTube channel, Сarl also manages a Twitter account. At the time of writing, Carl from the Moon Twitter account boasts more than 1.3 million followers, encompassing such topics as Bitcoin and crypto analysis, fundamental & technical analysis, live TV appearances, tutorials, interviews, shorts, and vlogs. 

Nonetheless, Carl's role goes beyond being a YouTube creator. He has co-founded multiple cryptocurrency ventures, including The Moon Group, a venture capital company focused on investing in blockchain initiatives. His expertise is highly sought-after, frequently making appearances on financial news broadcasts such as Fox BusinessYahoo Finance, and CNBC. Moreover, Carl has actively participated in various key industry events, including the World Blockchain Summit 2023, Crypto Fest 2022, and the Blockchain Expo Global 2022.

Carl is an investor and co-founder (though he is currently relinquishing this status) of the Kasta crypto app, a blockchain-based payment service alternative to mainstream mobile payment services. 

Сarl Runefelt net worth is estimated at $1.1 billion, which he has gained through the YouTube channel, businesses he has founded, and investments in hundreds of projects. However, some people believe that not all of his wealth was earned honestly. Critics have accused Carl "The Moon" of endorsing questionable projects and exchanges like Bitconnect and BitMEX to his audience in exchange for lucrative sponsorships, potentially leading to misleading information.

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