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19 November 2017

"The VSЁ" is a leading Telegram channel with 49.5K subscribers, acclaimed as the "TOP-2 Best CIS channel on cryptocurrency in 2022". It offers a rich blend of cryptocurrency updates, market analysis, tutorials, and event announcements. The channel stands out for its interactive content, ensuring active subscriber engagement. With its diverse insights and regular updates, "The VSЁ" is a must-follow for both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and newcomers. Highly recommended for staying updated in the crypto realm.

Language: CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
RU Medium 04 Sep 2023

The VSE Social Media Influence

Followers Engagement Content Network Scam Promo
49,500 Low Medium High N/A
Members:7,050 Activity:High Content:Medium

The VSE - About

"The VSЁ" is a prominent Telegram channel with a subscriber base of 49.5K. It has been recognized as the "TOP-2 in the nomination for the Best CIS channel on cryptocurrency in 2022". The channel offers a plethora of content, including photos, videos, files, and links, making it a comprehensive source of information for its audience.

Content Analysis: Upon analyzing the content, the channel can be categorized into several topics:

  • Cryptocurrency Updates: The channel provides regular updates on various cryptocurrencies, their market trends, and significant events. This includes information about new quests, updates on platforms like Starknet, and insights into the cryptocurrency market's reactions to specific events.
  • Tutorials and Guides: "The VSЁ" offers guidance on various cryptocurrency-related activities. This includes "how-to" guides on warming up accounts in specific networks, participating in events, and maximizing profits in the crypto world.
  • Market Analysis: The channel delves deep into market trends, offering insights into bearish markets, the importance of self-development in the crypto world, and strategies to maximize profits.
  • Events and Announcements: Regular updates on upcoming events, launches, and significant announcements in the crypto world are provided. This includes information about NFT mints, updates on platforms, and more.
  • Recommendations: The channel also offers recommendations, such as trusted exchange platforms. They provide detailed reasons for their recommendations, ensuring their audience makes informed decisions.
  • Interactive Content: The channel engages its audience with interactive content, including polls and questions, ensuring active participation from its subscribers.
  • Media Content: Apart from text-based updates, "The VSЁ" also shares audio content, offering insights into market news, personal movements, and motivation.

Conclusion: "The VSЁ" is a comprehensive source of information for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With its diverse content, regular updates, and interactive approach, it ensures its subscribers are always informed and engaged. Whether you're a seasoned crypto trader or a newbie looking to dip your toes in the crypto world, "The VSЁ" is a channel worth subscribing to.

The VSE - Peformance Overview

Subscribers Total Number: ~ 49,500 Subscribers Gain: ~ -51
Activity Post Coverage: ~ 4,741 Post per Day: ~ 2 ERR
9.57% -
Reposts Total Amount per 30 Days: ~ 37 Average Gain per 30 days: ~ 2
Mentioned on other channels Total Amount per 30 Days: ~ 107 Average Gain per 30 days: ~ 4
Pros & Cons
No Data

The VSE - Indusries

The VSE – Supported Projects

Project Score End Date Status Industry
Celestia LogoCelestia
14 Nov Past
LayerZero LogoLayerZero
01 Feb Past

The VSE – Associated Funds

Fund Score Type Project Support Social Influence Co-investments
binance labs logo Binance Labs Very High Incubation Very High Very High
Coinbase Ventures logo Coinbase Ventures Very High Exchange Very High Very High
The Spartan Group Logo The Spartan Group High Hedge High High
FTX logo FTX Ventures Exchange
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