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Galaxy Fox (GFOX)

verified iconVerified Active Pre-Sales
Total Raise: $6,000,000
Date: 30 Apr - 30 Apr

$GFOX is a groundbreaking token that combines play-to-earn mechanics with meme culture. Earn rewards by engaging in gameplay, staking your tokens for passive income, and benefiting from the burning feature. Join $GFOX today for a world of meme-driven fun and lucrative opportunities.

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Galaxy Fox Overview

Ticker: GFOX
Country: N/A
Industry: GameFi
Founded: NOV 1, 2023
Whitelist: n/a
Blockchain Network: Ethereum
KYC: Yes
Bounty: n/a
MVP: n/a
Type: IDO
Security Audit: Yes

Galaxy Fox Review

$GFOX stands as a pioneering token merging play-to-earn dynamics with the essence of meme culture. It enables token holders and players to unlock rewards through active gameplay participation, stake their tokens for continuous passive income streams, and reap the benefits of the burning mechanism. Embracement of the $GFOX community today helps immerse in a realm brimming with meme-infused entertainment and promising financial prospects. 

The current product offering of  the Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) ecosystem includes the following: 

  • NFT MARKETPLACE: Step into the captivating world of NFT Galaxy, where digital collectibles pulsate with cosmic energy. Explore the immersive NFT Marketplace to acquire unique digital assets, each imbued with celestial significance. Every transaction contributes to the ecosystem's treasury, ensuring its stability and continuous development. 
  • MERCHANDISE HUB: Discover an array of vibrant products in the NFT Galaxy merchandise store, where each purchase fuels the treasury for sustainability and growth. Engage with the ecosystem and earn points that can be exchanged for $GFOX tokens, enhancing your involvement within the ecosystem.
  • PLAY-TO-EARN GAME: At the heart of the Galaxy Fox ecosystem lies an enthralling play-to-earn game that captivates gamers worldwide. Embark on thrilling quests, overcome challenges, and reap valuable rewards. Active participation rewards players with $GFOX tokens and exclusive in-game assets, acknowledging their skills and dedication with tangible achievements.
  • Galaxy Fox NFT: The Galaxy Fox NFT refers to a unique and extraordinary Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the virtual world. These NFTs can be acquired through challenging quests, cosmic events, or the vibrant interstellar marketplace. Once obtained, they seamlessly integrate into players' profiles, activating mesmerizing attribute boosts. Galaxy Fox NFTs allow players to experience grace as they navigate the cosmos, surpass adversaries with celestial finesse, and unleash bursts of cosmic power.
  • $GFOX Token: The token serves as the primary governance token within the Galaxy Fox ecosystem. As such, it is accepted for various transactions and activities throughout the ecosystem, including purchases within the Galaxy Fox store, participation in the staking platform, and many other exciting features and functionalities. Galaxy Fox operates on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) network, allowing our users to seamlessly trade their NFTs on a highly active marketplace. 


The $GFOX’s token sale pros: 

  • Funny yet interesting project design; 
  • Not bad coverage on Social Media: considerable virality;  
  • During the last year, the Galaxy Fox’s activity in top tier blockchain media is above average;
  • Has powerful influencer marketing;    
  • Strong focus on Token Deflation Mechanics;
  • Has performed a Security Audit. 

The $GFOX’s token sale cons: 

  • Has not launched MPV yet;
  • Team is anonymous;  
  • There are not institutional investors; 
  • The vesting schedule is undisclosed; 
  • According to the project tokenomics, 70% of $GFOX tokens allocated to token sale; 
  • Unclear strategy for taking $GFOX tokens out from the circulation to reduce the selling pressure

Galaxy Fox Token Economy

Total Raise: $6,000,000
Total Supply: 5,000,000,000
Private/Pre-sale: 3,500,000,000 (70%)
Public Sale: (0%)
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): $18,200,000
Initial Circulation Supply: $5,687,500 (31.25% of FDV)

Galaxy Fox Token Sale (ICO & IDO) Rounds

Community: 01 Nov - 30 Apr

Price: $0.00066
Tokens for sale: 3,500,000,000
Raise: $6,000,000
Lock-Up: N/a

Galaxy Fox Marketing Activity

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media & Community Management
PR & Traffic
Marketing Infrastructure
Influencer Marketing
Growth Marketing
Last Update:  27 Mar 2024 Upgrade

Galaxy Fox Team

GalaxyFox Funds
Head of Sales
GalaxyFox Funds
Social Media
GalaxyFox Funds
Product Development
GalaxyFox Funds
Digital Marketing

Galaxy Fox News

Galaxy Fox Roadmap

Phase One
  • Whitepaper Creation, 
  • Token Audit, 
  • Website Live, 
  • Pre-sale Live
Phase Two
  • Influencer Campaign, 
  • Marketing Teaser, 
  • Competition Prizes and Giveaways
Phase Three
  • Bigger Media Push, 
  • Treasury Setup
Phase Four
  • Final Game Teaser, 
  • Bridge more chains
Phase Five
  • Launch of Merch, 
  • Beta Game testing, 
  • Introduce new characters
Phase Six
  • Further Partnerships, 
  • Uniswap Launch, 
  • Launch of Game.

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