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Nostra Finance (NSTR)

Total Raise: $400,000
Date: 01 Jan - 14 Jun 2024

Nostra finance is an all-in-one dApp on StarkNet that offers users an improved experience of utilizing the platform by combining all major DeFi tools on it. This includes DEX, lending, cross-chain bridge, $STRK liquid staking and $NUSD stablecoin protocol. 

The platform is powered by the $NSTR governance token, a primary role of which is to grant access to governance voting within the platform.

Although there is no public information regarding Nostra's funding rounds and the amount raised, leading crypto funds such as Jump Crypto and Lemniscap are mentioned as backers on the project's website.

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Nostra Finance Overview

Ticker: NSTR
Country: N/A
Industry: DeFi
Founded: 2022
Whitelist: No
Blockchain Network: StarkNet
Bounty: Yes
MVP: Yes
Type: IDO, Equity
Security Audit: Yes

Nostra Finance Review

Nostra finance is the biggest DeFi protocol on the StarkNet with over $211M TVL, focused on offering users an improved experience of utilizing the platform. 

It simplifies access to the various DeFi tools, combining them all in one app. These includes: 

  • Decentralized exchange: On Nostra users are able to exchange over 24 different tokens as well as add them into the Liquidity Pools to earn APR. 
  • Lending protocol: Nostra finance allows users to lend and borrow assets across the StarkNet chain network. 
  • $STRK liquid staking: The platform allows users to earn APR by staking $STRK in exchange for $nstSTRK LST and APR. Those tokens are completely liquid and can be used in LPs on various DeFi applications to earn even more APR. 
  • Cross-chain Bridge: Although this feature still under construction, according to the Nostra landing the protocol will enable asset transfers across over 20 chain networks;
  • Stablecoin $UNO: The first Starknet-native stablecoin, tethered to the $USDC in 1:1 ratio, which can be stored, transferred or spent across the Starknet ecosystem and beyond. 

Explore more info about the Nostra DeFi tools in its docs

🪙 Nostra coin: According to a recent announcement by the Nostra team, the native $NSTR token will represent the project's commitment to becoming a global leader in bringing decentralized financial services to the masses, powering the platform’s DAO layer. 

In the same announcement, the Nostra has also confirmed airdrop of $NSTR token to the early adopters of its platform allocating over 11% of the total supply for the airdrop. It has also setted a token sale of the $NSTR starting on June 10th, 2024 in the LBP format. 

Considering this news, the CoinLaunch team decided to conduct a detailed research on the Nostra crypto project. Here’s some major pros and cons we found:


✅ Nostra tokensale’s pros:

  • The largest by TVL ($217M) DeFi application on StarkNet;
  • Great interface design and utility of the product;
  • The platform utilizes the “fair token launch” model, where 100% of the supply will be unlocked from the start. According to the claims of the team, this approach is aimed at lowering FDV of the project;
  • Nostra was audited by Trail of Bits, while currently hosting another security audit from Hats Finance;
  • Strong SMM & Growth Marketing; 
  • Not bad SEO, PR ,and Influencer Marketing performance;
  • The project seems to be backed by some leading funds and investors, including StarkWare - founding company of StarkNet;
  • Presence of diverse network of top tier partners supporting the project;
  • Experienced C-level team, members of which previously worked at Polygon labs and Ethereum.

❌ Nostra tokensale’s cons:

  • 100% unlocks of the total token supply might cause unexpected price movements and increased volatility on listing of the token;
  • Lack of transparency in private funding: there’s no official info about the Nostra’s private funding rounds, prices and the amount of funds raised;
  • Trail of Bits security audit of Nostra cannot be found publicly;
  • $STARK and StarkNet Ecosystem seems to lost momentum lately; 
  • Weak marketing infrastructure;
  • No roadmap presented by the team. 

Nostra Finance Token Economy

Total Raise: $400,000
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Private/Pre-sale: 14,230,000 (14.23%)
Public Sale: 12,000,000 (12%)
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): $63,341,100
Initial Circulation Supply: $63,341,100 (100% of FDV)

Nostra Finance Token Sale (ICO & IDO) Rounds

IDO: Jun 2024 Past

Price: $0.033
Tokens for sale: 12,000,000
Raise: $400,000
Lock-Up: No lock-up 
Launchpad: Fjord Foundry logo Fjord Foundry

Nostra Finance Token Release Schedule

Nostra Finance Schedule

Nostra Finance Marketing Activity

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media & Community Management
PR & Traffic
Marketing Infrastructure
Influencer Marketing
Growth Marketing
Last Update:  06 Jun 2024 Upgrade

Nostra Finance Team

David Garai
David Garai
Đorđe Mijović
Đorđe Mijović
Tony T.
Head of Marketing

Nostra Finance News

Nostra Finance Roadmap

August 2023

Launch of private testnet;

January 2024

Nostra mainnet launch;

March 2024

Nostra liquid staking & nstSTRK launch.

Nostra Finance Airdrop & Retrodrop & Bounty

Nostra Finance Logo
Start Date:
01 Jan 2024
End Date:
13 Jun 2024


Nostra is a crypto super dApp built on StarkNet with over 68% ($211M) of the total StarkNet TVL. It combines all major DeFi tools including lending and borrowing, liquid staking, stablecoin $UNO and more. The platform’s governance is powered by the native $NSTR token, a major role of which is to grant users with access to the DAO votings.

On 4th June, 2024, the platform confirmed airdrop for early adopters, allocating over 11% of the total supply for the contest. Since the deadline of the campaign is 13th June, 2024, you are still able to participate in the Nostra airdrop. Hence, our team decided to provide you with the best steps on how to participate in the Nostra finance airdrop.

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