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NGC (NEO Global Capital) is a Singapore-based venture fund that backs innovative teams evolving at breakneck speed and building the next generation of Web3 and decentralized technologies.
The fund was established in 2017 by Tony Gu, Wayne Zhu, Piyush Chaplot, Tony Tao, and Roger Lim, with international branches also in Shanghai, Taipei, London, Texas and San Francisco. NCG is primarily oriented on investments in De-Fi, decentralized computing and gaming, being renowned as one of the biggest institutional crypto asset holders in the Asian region with $500M AUM.

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Medium 22 Jan 2024

NGC Ventures Overview

Type: Venture
Total Investment: 2
Project Support: High
Social Influence: Medium
Last Investment: 23 Sep
Region of Origin: Singapore
Influence Geography: North America, Asia, India, Western Europe, Oceania
Type of project assistance: Financing; Product Dev; Marketing; Tokenomics; Networking; Listing

NGC Ventures - About

NGC Ventures has successfully raised three (3) funds and distributed them across foundational niches of the crypto industry. 

  • The first one is aimed at backing various blockchain infrastructure projects. 
  • The second fund is dedicated to fostering the NEO Smart Economy ecosystem.
  • And the last one - NEO Global Capital, operates as a separate entity and remains deeply connected to the growth of the NEO coin with strategic investments in projects that align with and enhance NEO's infrastructure. 

You can learn more about this close cooperation with the NEO's ecosystem in the report provided here, and in some rare articles about the NEO ecosystem release, and NGC fund portfolio governance.

A highly important part of the fund`s activity is a thorough market analysis, because the successful funding approach revolves around deep daily research aimed at detection of revolutionary Web 3.0 projects among the hundreds of others. Thus, the fund actively allocates substantial resources through grants and investments to support research teams in esteemed academic institutions such as the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technology University, and UC Berkeley.

NGC Ventures also extends its investments into other Web 3.0-focused funds that align with its investment philosophy. This strategic approach broadens the horizons of the portfolio companies, providing them with an extensive network of resources and connections within the industry. Among this type of NGC Ventures’ investments, there are such notable funds as Griffin Gaming Fund, Bitkraft, Republic Capital, Metaversal, Figment Capital, Collab+Currency, Symbolic Capital, WWG Ventures, Dispersion Capital, Geekcartel, Impossible Finance, 6th Man Ventures, Blockchain Founders Fund, Sanctor Capital, Shima Capital, Finance Ventures, Borderless Capital, Bonfire Union, and Longhash Ventures.

Up to date, among the well-recognized projects in the NGC portfolio, there are the following companies: Kucion, Oasis Labs, Ava Labs, Agoric, Connext, Everyrealm, CertiK, Cocos, MultiversX, Algorand, Avalanche, Mina Protocol, Solana, Flex, Zilliqa, and lots of other bright Web3 players.

Even though it is a fairly young company, the fund has demonstrated very impressive results, having performed more than 330+ investment deals and made over 27 successful exits by this moment.
Here is the current balance of interests in the NGC portfolio.

Total number of investments: 330

  • DeFi: 31.8%
  • Blockchain Service: 21.6%
  • GameFi: 14.3%
  • Blockchain Infrastructure: 13.1%
  • NFT: 6.9%
  • Social: 5.3%
  • CeFi: 4.1%
  • Other: 2.5%
  • Stablecoin: 0.4%

NGC Ventures - Indusries

NGC Ventures Team

Roger Lim
Roger Lim
General Partner
Tony Gu
Tony Gu
General Partner
Wayne Zhu
Wayne Zhu
General Partner
Adam Arreola
Adam Arreola
Investment Team (US)
Henry Zhang
Henry Zhang
Investment Team (APAC)
Alvin Leong
Alvin Leong
Investment Team (EMEA)
Hsinci Tan
Hsinci Tan
Finance and Operations Controller

NGC Ventures News

NGC Ventures – Investments

Project Score Date Price Status Industry
Nibiru Chain logoNibiru Chain
23 Sep $0.0667 Past
SubQuery Network LogoSubQuery Network
07 Sep $0.006 Past
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