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Hack VC is a web3-focused venture capital firm that embodies the hacker ethos of rapid building, boundary-pushing, and status quo improvement. Their investment approach involves active participation in projects as investors, users, and community members. The firm's core team, comprising industry experts in protocol design, tokenomics, and software development, provides extensive support to their investments. Hack VC operates Hack Labs for on-chain protocol use and development, and Hack Jobs, a platform connecting founders with talented engineers. They also host Hack Summit, a virtual conference for blockchain developers, promoting mentorship and collaboration. Led by Managing Partners Alexander Pack and Ed Roman, Hack VC's hands-on investment strategy is geared towards fostering innovation and growth in the web3 and blockchain sectors.

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Hack VC is a venture capital firm with a strong focus on web3 technologies. The firm defines a hacker as a technologist who builds something quickly, tests the boundaries of what can be done, and improves the status quo against all odds. This ethos is reflected in their investment strategy, which involves being investors, users, and foundational community members in the projects they back.

The core team at Hack VC comprises industry leaders specializing in areas such as protocol design, tokenomics, software development, growth marketing, content, operations, and more. This team is readily available to provide support and expertise when needed.

Hack VC operates Hack Labs, where they are early on-chain users of the protocols and builders they back. The lab focuses on activities like bootstrapping liquidity, protocol and mechanism design, data analysis, and more, to support the projects they invest in.

Additionally, Hack VC runs Hack Jobs, a hiring platform designed to help founders access thousands of talented engineers within their network. They also organize Hack Summit, a non-profit virtual conference for blockchain developers, which fosters mentorship, thought leadership, and collaboration within the technical community.

The team at Hack VC includes former founders, operators, and community builders, with key members like Alexander Pack and Ed Roman serving as Managing Partners. Their approach to investment is hands-on, with a focus on supporting and being actively involved in the projects they invest in.

In summary, Hack VC is more than just a venture capital firm; it's a comprehensive ecosystem for web3 technologies, combining strategic investment with deep industry expertise and a commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the blockchain and digital asset sectors.

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Eigenlayer logoEigenLayer
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